Covers for Circular Pot Knobs

I have a cast-iron saucepan with a circular metal knob on top that becomes quite hot during cooking. Is there any pot knob cover on Amazon that I can just place over the existing knob? I find dozens of replacement knobs but I only want a cover for the existing knob.

Yes! Dozens on Amazon, just type in silicone pot knob covers, and a lot of options pop up. Both replacement silicone knobs, as well as pot knob silicone covers, also handle protections. I was totally surprised at the sheer amount and variety.

You will need to scroll down a bit to find the actual knob covers, but they’re there.

Why won’t a potholder or side towel work?

I use a towel, but it’s nice to have protection in place.

I located a knob cover. Thanks for the suggestions.