Counter dishwasher, microwave oven size, yay or nay?

10 minute cycle, half a gallon water, price tag $300.

I think I will prefer to wash them by hand.

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Personally I wouldnt bother.

We didnt have a dishwasher before we moved into this house and only got one then because there was a space left by the previous owner. I do like the full size and use it regularly. But, if we ever move to somewhere smaller I doubt whether I’d miss one too much.

I don’t use a dishwasher. However, if I do use one, this dose look promising. It doesn’t take a lot of space, no expert installation, inexpensive…etc. Sure, it doesn’t seem to able to handle many dishes, but this is great for single or two-person household.

That would be completely useless to me - two plates, two glasses and two bowls? Plus it takes up counter space, which New Yorkers simply DON’T have. I would think something like this would be way more popular in the city:


Hard pass. I have an “apartment-sized” GE dishwasher that fits 3 days of dishes (for our household of two) and lives under the counter. It would take me longer to load & unload that stupid thing than it would to hand wash what’s in it.

Except that landlords of rental apartment buildings won’t install them for a lot of different rea$on$.
I agree the tiny one would not be something i would purchase (lack of counter space being one reason!) i do get the attraction and the tenant could take with when moving elsewhere- assuming tiny dishwasher still worked.

I just realized that there are plenty countertop dishwashers already. Most of them are in the same price range or a little cheaper.

I guess the real selling points for this one is that it doesn’t even need plumbing, you add the water yourself. In addition, you can cook a lobster with it. Kind of a very interesting combo functions. Not sure how many people will take advantage of this: Wash your dishes first, and then cook your lobster… Or cook your lobster first, and then wash your dishes…


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I can’t imagine how lazy a person would have to be to refuse to hand-wash the five dishes and three pieces of silverware that might fit into this thing. $300? Please.

Now that is interesting as a sous-vide cooker. I watch the video again, the strong vapour and spraying make me think it is more a steamer than a sous-vide cooker though.

Yeah… I doubt it is a real sour vide. Still… just imagine … the possibility of cooking your lobster and while washing your dishes back to back (possibility at the same time if you dare)

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