costco yay/nay/meh

The Sukhi’s chicken meatballs we liked seem to have been a one-off special just for the demo. Not listed on the website and not carried in our Costco’s normal stock of their products.

Is it just these meatballs, or have Sukhi’s products in general disappeared?

Just the meatballs. Many others still there/available.

Mine has the tika masala. It seems to me that there used to be a few other selections although I can’t say it was the meatballs. They have comment cards, at least they used to. You should try filling one out, can’t hurt.

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Yay to this Chilean sea bass at the San Francisco Costco- so rich and beefy.


Huh… was the price any better than if it had been correctly labeled?

Sea Bass.

The new red meat.


Good question- I wasn’t in the market for a 22lb brisket so did not check

Yes, brisket at Costco runs $5-8/lb

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We immediately got that the label machine operator misfired and didn’t catch the mistake. That said, a 22 pound brisket is really something else to behold.

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My local fishmonger charges between $30-35/lb, so this is a deal for 22lb sea bass. :laughing: Usually the Costco sea bass is sold in 1-2 portion sizes as most.

One for the funnies/silliness thread!

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NAY for the Del Real chicken fajitas. I really like this brand’s other products, but the chicken looked like Purdue Short Cuts, with the remarkably uniform grill marks (“grill marks”?), and the vegetable mix was 90% onions. My 13yo said it was gross and greasy and inedible. I’ll toss it in the freezer to be returned.

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Any Costco beef tri-tip happy customers? It’s not a cut typically found in Midwest grocery stores but my MN Costco had some for the holiday weekend. I noticed the label of “contains up to 16 percent of a flavoring solution” and decided that likely meant “salt loaded” so passed. I just found a Youtube negative review with a quick search, but thought I tap the experts here.

I’m not a fan of pre-seasoned cuts of meat. Our Costco does not sell what you describe.

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Our Costco in Northern California routinely carries tri tip as it is a popular cut in this region. However it is not pre-seasoned and is sold like any other roast like chuck or brisket.

Tri tip is a cut with an excellent flavor, marbling, but is chewy and should be rested after cooking and sliced across the grain. It can be smoked low and slow, or can be prepared grilled hot and fast. Both ways it turns out delicious. It has some similarities to flank steak and brisket.


It also conveniently has tapering, so that different parts cook to different doneness, satisfying most people’s tastes. The grain runs in different directions in each half.


And of course, pinquito beans on the side is a must!


I was wrong! We have preseasoned tri tip as well as regular unseasoned. Is this the one to which you referred?

This is true and very astute. Tri tip frustrates me because the point always gets more done than I like. But it is very flavorful.

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