Costco Q1 and Q2 2016

In late February I picked up a box of 6 Peruvian Kent mangos ($7), delicious. Some ripened quickly, the remaining 2 will be devoured this week. No brown rot despite two weeks at room temp to ripen.

Double jars of large oysters have been good.

We tried a new packaged salad that contains quinoa and a pink vinaigrette, found it too sweet. Will stick with the Asian salad mix and the kale salad mix.

Bag of organic (full size) zucchini and squash were exceptionally juicy.

All of the above were from the Richmond California location.

The Kirkland Tuscan EVOO (1 liter glass bottle) is back in Boston area stores. It ran out more quickly than usual last year so I am stocking up.

Is the “kale salad” the one with all sorts of other vegetables? We love that but make our own salad dressing. And I stir fry it sometimes also for a quick side dish.

Yes, it also has broccoli and Brussels sprouts and carrots. I like the poppyseed dressing which I think is Brianna’s Poppyseed. I will add so e soft goat cheese if I have any in the fridge. Stir fry is a great idea, will have to try it.

Since becoming a parent, the pre-prepped salads have become a staple in our household and are sometimes the only way we are able to get a healthy dose of veggies. But I found that enhancing them (chicken and fresh green onions and cilantro in the case of the Asian salad mix) is key.

Neither of us particularly LOVE vegetables so this works great for us.

I just picked up something called “Ausie bites” in the bakery area of Costco (Boston area). I think I’m addicted and am now worried they are just one of those items that will come and go quickly. I rarely shop on the bakery area so have no idea if they’ve been there for years or not.

They are mini-muffin sized organic … cookies? Muffins? Not sure how to describe them. They have oats, apricot, flax seed, sunflower seeds, honey, etc etc. they have a definite oatmeal cookie flavor note but are much better. When you first bite into them they are a little crumbly and you think they are going to be dry but they aren’t. I’m addicted and may have to stock up and freeze in case they disappear.

Costco’s had those forever. I don’t think you need to worry about it being seasonal, or a “try it and see how it sells” product…


Phew - thanks. I was getting worried I’d run out and not find them again (happens all the time to me at CostCo)

They still might stop at some point. Products usually have a run there, and then are replaced with something new. But I wouldn’t stress too much.

I am missing the huge bags of powdered peanut butter at Costco. I got addicted to using it in shakes and smoothies.

Update : March 2016 .
Meh ,; lobster claws . All show no go . Big shell with skinny lobster inside , Puffy and flavorless , won’t buy again . I’m new to Costco . Any Yays for other ?

Never tried seen lobster claws at the two MA ones I visit, but I was very tempted today when they had boxes of king crab legs. I decided to opt for clams instead. I hope someone tries them and can share their experience. I don’t like crab legs that are overly briney, and little crab taste.

Alas, that is true. We found some great freeze-dried mandarin oranges in Tennessee a few years ago, but none of the Costcos here in NJ had them.

Currently, I’d point out the Kirkland chunk light tuna, which is chunks (not a paste like so many brands) and is harvested sustainably. It also tastes like tuna used to taste when we were children.

I also liked the grapefruits I just got there, but the problem with produce is that it can be so variable. Mark like the dried mangoes, but he liked to “two-tone” (green and yellow) dried mangoes even better. Alas, they don’t have them any more.

I just snagged a bottle the other day, but haven’t tried it yet.

I think it is an exceptional value. A very good olive oil at a great price ($10.99 for 1 liter). At that price I use it as an all purpose oil. It is full bodied and tasty enough to use as a finishing oil, but reasonably priced to use as en every day EVOO. I try to buy a few bottles on each visit this time of year with the hope that it will last until next years batch once they run out.

Another item being carried by local Costcos is Organic Jacks Salsa, 48oz for $6.49. Until my tomatoes come in this summer and I can make my own this is an excellent fresh tasting salsa. It can be a bit sweeter than I usually prefer but is well balanced overall.

Totally agree about the lobster claws. Sooo disappointing…

I read that when there is an asterisk on the price tag that product will not be reordered.

Never seen lobster claws at my Costco in SoCal. If you like crab, try the king crab legs from the weekend seafood counter-- lots of meat. You buy them by the pound. I usually heat them up on the grill for a few minutes per side and then serve with lots of lemon wedges and melted butter. I won’t buy crab legs from anywhere else.

The Aussie bites are very filling, and do fine at room temp for months. It takes me a long time to go through the large tub, so I divvy them up into several smaller containers and keep them away from the hottest spots in the kitchen. I am not a morning person, so I don’t eat breakfast. (I’ll make breakfast foods for lunch or dinner). One of these, plus coffee, and I don’t need a meal for the next 6 hours. In summer, when it’s too hot for a regular meal, I crumble an Aussie bite into Greek yogurt and add fruit.

I got the lobster claws from Costco in Santa Cruz . They were really bad . I mean horrible . I’ll give the king crab legs a try . Thanks

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