Costco Le Creuset Set

I just saw this. Perfect for someone with 4 houses that needs to supply all their kitchens! I wonder how many they’ll sell. It seems like if you had 10 friends to split the price and the bounty, it might work out.

That’s what I told my wife when she showed me the Costco offer. It’s like a few people going in on a side of beef or pork.


Only problem I can see is there will be pieces everyone wants and others that no one wants. I guess you could take turns somehow.


Pretty red. If the sets haven’t already flown off the shelves, they will in record time. Perfect for people who don’t feel like shopping around price wise and don’t mind everything in the same color. Holiday and first home gifts. Everyone spends their money differently.Kind of silly though how Food & Wine breaks the set down to only $29 per piece. All those utensils and itty bitty matching cups or whatever they are.

ETA: No, I don’t think it’s a great deal and would never buy the set for myself or any of my loved ones.

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Looks like its literally everything you need for a kitchen…dishes, canisters,…

And most of it will outlast your grandchildren.

Not something Im going to buy, but not gonna hate on someone who does.

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Wonder if you need to shore up the floors with extra support beams in your house if you are keeping that whole set on your own. For houses that have basements, that is. Or maybe strengthen those cabinets.


This ad ran about a month or so ago. I wondered if it was true.

There’s no rice pot. I’m out. :laughing:


How many of those items are the classic Made-in-France and how many are the Asian made or ceramic items…for me it would not be a tempting deal…I’d rather pick and choose my items rather than buy a set, which is what this is, on steroids. And in RED yet! Hope your kitchen is huge!!

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Even if you didn’t need the entire set, you could easily sell each piece individually (on Ebay, Craigslist, FB, etc.) and easily make a nice tidy profit.

Low hourly wage probably. And if you’ve tried to sell things online you’ll know that people are scammers or flakes. Not worth the trouble.

I will preface my comments by saying that I absolutely love LC, and I do cook with nearly all my pieces. I belong to a few Le Creuset FB groups and it was mentioned maybe twice. But I have seen this article pop up in a bunch of other places.

I’m not sure how “wild” anyone is really going.
First, you gotta REALLY love red. I have a few pc in this color–it’s beautiful–but as a “rainbow” collector, I couldn’t have just one color.
Second, many collectors enjoy the thrill of the hunt for a specific piece, especially at a good price. Getting everything at once would be kind of boring, and also overwhelming at the same time.
Third, there’s no special piece or color that would appeal to a collector in this set. Cerise is a core color, and everything offered here is widely available.
All this leads me to believe that LC probably doesn’t intend to sell too many of these sets, but rather use it to bring attention to their products. And hey, here we are discussing it!

A wedding present to start furnishing a new home?

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As of yesterday its not on their site

I found the full list of contents at eGullet:

Looking at the Le Creuset site for prices, it breaks down to:

  • $2553 enameled cast iron ovenware
  • $232 enamel on steel (a stockpot and a whistling kettle)
  • $1045 stainless steel pans, mostly large ones
  • $730 stoneware casseroles, pie dishes, ramekins, etc.
  • everything above this point equals $4560
  • $645 nonstick cookware
  • $585 stoneware tableware, service for 8 plus serving platter, French press, and oil and vinegar cruets
  • $200 nonstick bakeware
  • $168 stoneware canisters with wood lids
  • $135 silicone prep bowls, stoneware mixing bowls
  • Assorted utensils, trivets, cleaners, cookbooks, wine tools, etc

Yeah, same when families “share” a side or each takes a quarter of beef. There’s only so much steak…


That’s what I was thinking…from parents with more money to spend or even a group of friends or co-workers gifting even enough Costco gift cards, but they should ‘register’ for it first.

This just popped up again on my FB feed as a.current item. $4499.00 at my local store.

Its a chunk o’change but not truly awful for a completely turnkey set that will last a couple of lifetimes

Meh. If it was good cookware, that’d be different.

This morning’s Costco run showcased a 2-pack of Tramontina ECI Dutch Ovens for $59.00. Finally, some appropriate pricing!