Costco Food Court- Review


After all those amuse bouches in the aisles on a good day, this household can’t resist the Polish (not the same-priced hot dog) – although remembering to ask for a container of kraut is hit-and-miss in the frenzy.

I’ve heard the samples called many things (Mark says they are the food pellets you get for negotiating the maze of aisles), but never “amuse bouches”.

(And the local Costco’s here haven’t had the Polish for decades (they have Italian sausage instead), and they discontinued the dipped ice cream bars several years ago as well. :frowning:


It’s too bad Canadian Costco doesn’t have all the items on the US Costco menu. I wouldn’t mind having those brisket and Italian sausage sandwiches. We do have poutine, though.

I had no idea that their pizza was so popular! I’ve only had the frozen yogurt which is very tasty but a really huge portion so either i share with someone and ask they split the order to two cups or i ask for less when ordering. It’s got to be like a full pint worth they give you!

I had the opposite experience as the author in the OP’s article.

I would NEVER have even tried the hot dog except that I had heard so many wonderful things about them.

Picked one up one afternoon with high expectations and was totally underwhelmed. It was cheap but pretty meh, and so crowded I had to eat it over my cart outside the front door.

I’ll pass, thanks.

Same for the “amuse bouche”. I NEVER graze at Costco.


I live in suburban NYC, an area with a strong Italian-American food culture. Costco’s Sausage and Pepper Sandwich gets high marks among those in the know.

It’s a shame we don’t have that in CA— we’ve got the polish sausage and a Caesar salad.

In NC they pulled the Polish sausage when they introduced the Italian sausage and peppers. I miss the Polish sausage!

I get a slice of pizza every 3-4 weeks. My part of the country doesn’t have many by the slice options so Costco’s hits the spot.

The frozen yohgurt or soft serve (not sure which) seems to be extremely popular. They also seem to sell lots of whole, hot pizza to go from the food court.

A co-worker swears her family maintains their Costco membership just for the turkey/provolone sandwich!

For the price and quality I prefer the food court to other fast food options when needing something quick and inexpensive.

Their take home pizza sucks .


We have a BBQ Beef Sandwich here too. It’s actually pretty decent for the price – $3.99. Comes topped with coleslaw. It’s a pretty hearty sandwich.

I think we have the beef sandwich too. They also introduced a burger recently. The siren song of pizza has kept me from trying the rest of the menu.

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Hey, you’ve got the nice weather. You can’t have it all!

Is there a difference between take home and dine in pizzas there? We had plenty of cold, take home Costco pizzas at parties. Cold pizzas aren’t that appetizing.

The take home pizzas are unbaked pizzas available for purchase in the meat/deli section. Those are different than the pizzas baked in the food court that you can take to-go.

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I agree about the refrigerated ones from the deli/meat dept. area. Crust tastes like cardboard. There is really no way to doctor them up to improve the experience.

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My workplace is in the same giant parking lot as Costco. Once a year or so I get the urge for a hot dog and pizza and realize again how bad they are.

I prefer an occasional Armour dog from the local Valero gas/convenience store.


My personal theory is that in general people easily confuse “good” with “cheap and plentiful”… one does not therefore equal the other.


Why do i think they also have a huge soft pretzel…? Is that still on the menu? I vaguely remember getting one at the CA costco and sharing with my dad after we compared it to the size of his head. (Same size)

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