Costco faves/ disappointments- 4th quarter 2015

What are folks’ favorite finds and disappointments at Costco?

Mine- Truroots Quinoa, 4lb, washed, organic, Bolivian, yummy by itself or added to other grains.

Ranges from $14 to $19 dependent on the market price, cheapest anywhere. Although sometimes I feel a bit lousy that the last few years quinoa price went up so much globally now that Bolivian quinoa farmers don’t want to eat it themselves.

Please indicate location as Costco products vary by location.

I was just about to start a thread for Costco Finds - 4th quarter 2015, but you’ve more or less beat me to it. I’d suggest that posts here include the location, since Costco inventory varies widely from one area to the next.

I’ve seen them before, but now that TJ’s has discontinued their palmier cookies, here’s a rave for the ones in the bakery section of the Nashua NH Costco. $6.99 for a 2# clamshell containing 3 dozen cookies. Although Costco calls them “Petite Palmier”, they are the same size as the TJ ones, roughly 3x3.5". Simple ingredients: enriched flour, sugar, butter, water, salt. I think I prefer them to TJ’s, which were more caramelized.

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It’s always been helpful to me to hear what others are enjoying from Costco. But there are also disappointments. I bought a 4 lb. clamshell tub of green seedless grapes this weekend that are plump and firm but seriously lacking any taste.

I would have to agree on the big clamshells of fruit. DH got some strawberries and, as usual, they got moldy in a hurry. Wasted about a third of the package.

IME, regardless of the source, there’s a problem with fresh fruit sold in clamshells unless you either keep the package evenly cold from the moment of purchase to the moment of home refrigeration, or open it during that interval, so that there is enough air circulation to prevent condensation on the fruit and the interior of the plastic. It also helps to put a paper towel into the container before refrigerating it. The towel absorbs the excess moisture.


I’m assuming it’s the moisture that speeds up the mold, like with strawberries?

Probably, but it doesn’t happen with the same size containers from the local grocery. Hopefully he will remember and not buy them from Costco in the future.

I’ve always been disappointed with Costco’s coffee. And disappointed they don’t stalk (get it?) celery…

I hate this about the fruit - apples, mostly - sold at Costco. Also the super-sized fruit that gets packed this way. I prefer my apples to be more - apple-sized.

I CANNOT convince my son that the fruit needs to be removed from the clamshell as soon as we get it home. He invariably leaves it that way. Then it rots super fast. You KNOW it is not keeping well at the store, either. Hate the clamshells.

I get it.

But they do STOCK celery at my Costco. In packages of 3, in the ginormous produce cooler that makes me wish I had a parka every time I go in there.

My biggest Costco disappointment is their hot dogs.

They are super super nasty. Disgusting, even. They taste like liquid smoke, with a soupcon of something disgusting and unidentifiable. The texture is rubbery and grainy at the same time, entirely unpleasant. And about every other bite I hit gristle and/or bone bits.

They are the most gaggamous hot dogs I have ever had the misfortune to experience.

On the plus side - I love their cheese! I need to add it to the permanent Costco list. I got some Jarlsberg that was just delicious. Also a large wedge of Gouda. I made short work of the Jarlsberg, even though it was a huge wedge. Must have more!

I love their Kirkland all-beef hot dogs despite all the salt. They taste, to me, identical to the Best Kosher brand, which they used to sell but which no longer is made. I have never found gristle or shards or anything else foreign in them. I’m not sure whether or not that is the kind to which you are referring.

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Those are the ones. I don’t remember them being this nasty - or nasty at all, actually - but these are without a doubt the worst hot dogs I have ever had the misfortune to find on my plate. Absolutely disgusting! Possibly my Costco is sourcing them from a different factory than yours, but even my son won’t touch them with a ten foot pole.

Of course you have to buy them like 5 lbs at a time - I forget, they came prebundled in a 3 or 5 lb package I think. We tried, we really really tried to finish those off. My son is much less picky about his hot dogs than I am (when he can’t get what he wants, he usually can eat whatever he got without complaint), and finally even he threw the towel in and told me to just go ahead and throw the rest away, if there were still any left in the freezer (there were). Even hidden at the bottom of a bowl of pork & beans, these were virtually inedible.

Too funny, I actually love that the costco apples are so huge! Especially the honeycrisp apples…but then again often i’ll have one with a bit of nut butter and call it lunch.

What coffee…? Kirrkland brand? My costco in harlem nyc usually has Peet’s as well as Starbucks and several others- i’ll get the Peet’s once in a while (major dickenson blend)

I’ve been buying Suja “mighty greens” juice at costco, $10 for 59oz which is a huge savings over purchasing multiples of their smaller bottles. It’s not sweet at all and has a nice balanced flavor. I often make my own juice and it likely costs the same when i make my own.
Honeycrisp apples and pomegranates are in store now (harlem, nyc) as well as a new asian salad kit (didn’t try that yet) and some really delicious seedless black grapes

I don’t know if your local Costcos were selling and serving the same better brand before the change as we got here in SoCal, but here they were Hebrew National All Beef Franks. They’re still available in most markers. At the time the story was that a factory had closed and that HN could no longer supply Costco.

I tried their dogs right after the change and found them pretty unremarkable though not anything as bad as described above. Since the change I’ve been buying Costco’s Polish dogs. While they’re not great I find them to be much better than the regular dogs. At $1.50 with a drink and sauerkraut it’s the best deal around.

The Kirkland brand chicken stock is quite good when it’s around (currently at the Avon, OH store). Sold in 6 1-quart tetra packs.

No idea if this is a new item but I tried a dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt that was highly addictive! The caramel wasn’t too hard or too soft - Goldilocks would have approved. Comes in a clear plastic cylinder.

I also tried their house made stuffed peppers. Generous amount of beef with a little rice stuffed into pepper halves. The seasoning is slightly sweet, vaguely reminiscent of Cincinnati style chili. Really nice value for the cost and time savings. I make stuffed peppers regularly but otherwise would happily purchase these.

Thank you for posting this, I had no idea Costco carried Suja green drinks, " mighty greens" is my favorite. I will definitely pick this up at the Harlem store.

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