Costco best buys

We still see it in NJ, not that that helps you much. (What I miss is the Cave-Aged Cheddar they used to have here.)

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Not Cabot but my husband really enjoys the 3-year aged Tillamook white cheddar which is $11 for a two-pound block. Also great price on Jarlsberg and Parmesan, milk, butter.


I just noticed your comment above…the really aged Tillamook isn’t creamy to me. Give it a try…worst case scenario you will have great Mac and cheese :wink:. Also we really like the frozen spinach mozzarella ravioli for a quick dinner.

Great price at Costco on Almond Flour and Organic Sugar. Much better price than Trader Joe’s and ALDI’s.


Add Wild Planet tuna and BTB chicken base (not always in stock).
Dog food/biscuits/jerky were always good buys.

Of course, the advantage of TJ and Aldi’s is that you don’t have to buy institutional-sized quantities. (You may use enough to not care, but we don’t.)

I always have a bottle of the Kirkland Balsamic Vinegar, it’s the best I’ve found. Approx. $12 a liter straight from Modena and certified at 4 leaves. A great buy and so good we have had it over ice cream.

Hmmm. I’ve never seen almond flour, what part of the store is that? Other adjacent products? I’ll have to look for that.

Near the other flours, 3 lb bag


This sounds insane but i LOVE Peet’s coffee, however it’s only in west coast costco locations, 2lbs is about $16, vs 12oz for $9-$10 if i order it online. So when i visit my family in CA i buy some to schlep across the country with me :))


I hear you and agree. Usually the price per lb is close enough that I prefer TJ or ALDI. For these two items, however, the price is significantly better.

For other items at Costco, even though the price is great, the quality is lacking. I prefer TJ’s for those. Recently, Deglet Noor dates, dried blueberries, and dried Turkish figs from Costco were all disappointing. I will always check ingredients from now on, even for such simple items. The figs had water added and the blueberries had “natural flavor” added.

Yes, near the flour.

Costco has a good customer return policy, you should certainly contact them about those disappointing items since i’m sure they’re large sized packages

I was so excited when i found dried blueberries at costco (in ca at the end of december) and thankfully i did read the ingredients which included like six ingredients that weren’t blueberries!??! Second ingredient was sugar. Really annoying actually and I’m just glad i did think to check. (Unfortunately also sugar in TJs dried blueberries, so sticking to fre$h when on sale since I don’t like the frozen ones for my breakfast yogurt)

I love them for this policy, same with TJs. I had a 10 lb bag of sweet potatoes go rotten within a week and they refunded me with no questions asked.

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One should not get carried away on their return policy, though (like the woman who returned a live Christmas tree in January because it was dead). LL Bean used to have lifetime returns but had to change their policy:
Why LL Bean Ended Its Lifetime Return Policy

Yea, don’t be a jerk but most don’t abuse it and they know many stay loyal because of the policy. Most here seem logical enough to not abuse the policy. The policy benefits customers and store. If people keep returning something they know to 1) stop stocking and/or 2) contact the manufacturer.

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That’s why I bought my KitchenAid Stand Mixer from Costco. I know if it breaks down, I can just return it. KitchenAid only gives a one year warranty.


I make similar decisions when deciding between stores with the same product.

I remember reading somewhere that Costco allows such a liberal return policy because 95% of the people won’t abuse it, and the 5% who do don’t cost them enough loss to warrant changing the policy. The 95% spends more than enough money to cover the 5%'s losses.

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If they were losing money the policy would vanish

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