Coronavirus - what to stock up on?

I’m actually not concerned about this but I am concerned about mass hysteria and forced quarentine. Beyond buying a ton of wine, thoughts on what to actually stock up on? We are in central American now but home Sunday and I’m making my list now. Ugh.


It’s the same advice I got when something ran through the family right after the holidays - don’t go to crowded places if you can help it. And the obvious - wash your hands when you get home, and the usual flu season stay-healthy stuff.

For those who need specific medication or have kid-related things that aren’t already stocked, I think the advice to have some of that on standby is good. But again, so you’re not in a store in the middle of a crowd, rather than for any other reason.


N95 masks!

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Do you know if there is a shortage of them @shrinkrap? I plan to pick up some masks at my many medical appointments, but don’t know what kind they are. Probably not the kind you suggested however. Slightly OT, but I was surprised how few people I saw wearing masks on a recent flight to San Diego.


We have a small chest freezer the contents of which go up and down. We’re generally keeping it more full. I do a lot of canning (shelf stable product); we’re having more cooking weekends–which are also something we enjoy doing together–to stock up. Nothing extreme in either case. NEVER run out of Triscuits. grin Vinegar is my disinfectant of choice and we buy boxes of two 1 gallon jugs at Sam’s Club - usually I buy a box of two jugs when I’m done to 1 gallon - I’m staying up a box now. We have a couple more boxes of UHT milk in stock than usually. We’re more methodical about going grocery shopping off peak.

We have plenty of old-fashioned staples: flour, salt, sugar, yeast, butter, …

We can probably eat for a month out of the house if we had to. If Internet goes down I’ll be in withdrawal.


Good reminder on the shelf stable milk. I have an extra gallon of vinegar. I’ll also be in a sad state if the internet goes down and we are trapped in the house.

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Panic and stress kills faster.

Masks - I bought some 2 weeks ago here to send to people I know in Asia, mostly surgical mask and a few N95. Note, N95 is very difficult to breath and uncomfortable. I don’t plan to buy any for myself as shortage persists and price is ridiculous.

Maybe just a box or 2 painkillers like paracetamol, 90% of the ingredient or the medicine comes from China.

Food, I don’t see much worry. But one will be eating more at home, so cook some nice food to brighten the mood.


A curious question if one needs to be quarantined at home, does the authority provide the service to buy you food, meaning they take your order and send someone line up and and deliver home?

Recently a bus got back from Italy from the infected area, everybody on the bus needs to be quarantined at home. Those who got back from Wuhan went to quarantine in some really nice resort hotels with beach view in the south of France.

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I’ll ask my sister in law. She was quarentined years ago in China during the bird flu scare. I believe meals were handled and she was in a hotel.

I was sort of joking, and partly thinking of their resale value right now. I have had to get fitted and tested for one for work and as @Saregama’s link suggests, the whole experience can be somewhat unpleasant.

Besides the info that Saregama offered, I also appreciate the perspective in this article.

It reminded me to make sure I’m not about to run out of my allergy meds and have extra on hand. I’ll live but become sick and miserable if conditions become allergenic for me. Plus my going around sneezing due to uncontrolled allergies would not be smart during this time!

It’s useful to have a sweet treat in the house. Lesson learned from many years of New England snowstorms. A small stash of chocolate, or your preferred indulgence, sure helps lift the mood.


Thanks for the clarification @shrinkrap; gotcha - they are probably used for different levels of bio containment and possibly in some manufacturing applications as well as various haz mat situations? Haven’t read up on them yet, since I have important provisions to order through the big A :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Personally I detest wearing masks, and in fact opted not to wear one on a recent flight, despite my rather compromised condition. I did however vigorously wash my hands, spending extra time than per usual and washing partially up my arms a bit.

Trying not to stress over this scary potential global pandemic, but want to recover before or if it hits my little burb. My kids ever so helpfully remind me that I would be a goner if it hits our hood soon. Nice. I tell them I’ve got no plans to check out until I’ve spent their inheritance! :rofl::smiley_cat:


Have the wandered around your house putting color-coded stickers on belongings? grin


Sold out on Amazon as of 2 days ago. And those that claim to have them are definitely price-gouging. And @Saregama’s article said they are very uncomfortable. As of now, here in the U.S., I think you’re better just making sure you wash hands often, and don’t shake someone’s hand upon greeting them.

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I use the old ones when grinding peppers!

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OMG - made me laugh out loud! Thank you. No, I have NOT resorted to doing that, although each kid has let me know what they want. I must say, that in my and friends’ experience, most millennials don’t seem to want much stuff, especially family heirlooms, china, silver and that type of thing. Retro 70’s items or mid century modern is a different story.

Will say I am dead (no pun intended) serious about spending the liquid assets, they will have other assets to split. This alone gives me a strong motivation to fully recover from present situation and to get as well as possible for future. Only partially serious here, I have too much damn living to do before shuffling off my mortal coil. And caring and sharing life with those near and dear.

Be well and please keep me laughing. BTW have seriously enjoyed the sour cream thread, but have yet to do the little experiment.


Great idea re grinding chiles/peppers @shrinkrap.

Twenty + years ago my sister was admiring one of mom’s heirlooms (a pre-WWII Hummel). Mom–still kicking at 91–told her she could have it. I assume mom meant when she was gone. The figure went missing. It was at sister’s house the next time we visited :crazy_face:

I agree with the millennial take. My china, crystal and silver do not go into the dishwasher, so the younger generations do not want them. They are, however, more than happy to take the instruments, watches, photos, etc.


I will do my best. I have a warped sense of humor that doesn’t always come across.

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