Corned beef

I got a corned beef roast at Costco yesterday. I saw that it was the round cut instead of the brisket before I bought it, and wanted to ask if that cut needed any special treatment, like more time or lower heat or something


I cook them the same but you have to be careful at the end with a round. They can be very dry if you overcook them.


Good to know- thanks

Corned beef is generally boiled, not roasted. You might find that it’s too salty if you cook it in the oven.

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Oven-braised corned beef is a thing.

My local supplier has a recipe for braising corned beef on the back of the package.

Here is an oven- baked recipe


I put it in the crock pot at 12:30, the darn thing didn’t start boiling until almost 5 o’clock, but I tried a piece at 6:15, and it was cooked and tender and delicious. So I put the carrots in and later the spuds, and I’m thinking about pulling the beef out so it doesn’t get tough, and dunking it back in when the veggies are done.
I’m kind of impressed with the corned round as opposed to a corned brisket. It doesn’t seem to have as much fat, and I’ve never had a corned beef brisket be that tender before. but it may not have quite as intense a flavor, possibly due to the lower fat content, of this one, anyway.


I grew up in the Midwest and never had corned beef until I met and married my husband from Massachusetts. New England boiled dinner is the way I was introduced to it. I still cook it in stovetop braise but am unsure of myself about selecting a cut. A funny thing happened a few years ago when I was in Stop & Shop looking for a package of corned beef in a big display cooler. An older man wearing a bloody butcher’s apron was reorganizing the packages, slapping them price sides up…he wasn’t a happy camper. I ended up standing next to him and asked which one would he recommend.

I’ll never forget his response: “Lady - you’re just going to take it home and boil the hell out of it so it really doesn’t matter. These people are spending more time picking out their briskets than I spent picking out my first house” :joy:


Your butcher sounds like a real “crabalonian”.
I did what I said I was going to do and had a really nice dinner. I’ve never ‘boiled the hell out of’ a corned brisket- they cost too much to ruin.
Also, this one didn’t shrink up nearly as much as the corned briskets I’ve cooked.

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Yeah - he was having a bad day…

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Commercial corned beefs are inflated 6with water. When you cook them the water comes out. Hence- shrinkage.

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I am a big lover of corned beef and have simmered it for decades. Recently I got a soud vide Joule and did it that way. OMG. 24 hours later and it was tender and juicy and amazing. Make sure you rinse it well. No water to dilute the corning. Trim away almost all of the fat if it has a big cap. It won’t render as much as it does at higher temps. I won’t ever do it any other way! I poured the juices from the bag into a veggie pot and added water and additional seasonings to cook the cabbage carrots, potatoes, onion and celery I like with my corned beef. A sour cream and horseradish sauce served on the side finished it off.