Corned beef pastrami!

It’s time! Corned beef is in the stores, including the elusive point cut! I’d love to get shopping and brand recommendations.

I found Murphy …yeah, papajn, and 35 percent solution…but it’s a point cut!

Here is a recipe from amazing ribs

And Corned beef ideas from a thread in 2018.


Smoke to 150, then steam to 203

I don’t think it was quite 203, but it was good! I think you want to see the bundled muscle fibers to know it’s right.

Mrecipes Smoked Corned Beef with Pastrami Rub Recipe


Yowza . Real nice .

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Looks great but looks more like it came from the round more than the brisket

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Thanks! It was a while ago, but I’m sure I bought it because it said “point cut”.

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Looks delicious. It’s my favorite thing to do with a corned beef

Looking back at some of my old post on the subject here, I have some pics that look identical. I did one recently but my wife is not a fan, it makes her burby, so I do it sparingly and usually when she’s out of town.




I just found a few more pictures. Probably started as corned beef but could have started as a “packer” brisket.


Nice. :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Thank you and welcome!

Anyone else doing it this year? I bought two small “point” cuts, but it’s been a few years so I tried it.

Here, the amazing ribs guy trays simmering his corned beef first, in order to avoid softening the crust by steaming after smoking. He simmers to 203 to dissolve collagen, then smokes to 190. I would love to avoid steaming slices as needed.

He felt it was going to be a little, and he’s “going to try steaming, for less constriction, contraction of muscles, less moister loss”.

I’m going to try…wait for it…sous vide!

If you were going to try it, would you sous vide before, or after the rub? I’m thinking the spicing could get too strong. BTW, I only have recently crushed, and not whole coriander, and will be using smoked, hot paprika, but otherwise plan to use the pastrami rub from that website.

Soak, sous vide, rub, smoke.

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