Corn Starch Quality

Do you find there’s a noticeable difference between brands?

During the height of the pandemic I bought a bunch of stuff from Bob’s (enough to get free shipping), including corn starch, which has been great. But even then it is expensive compared to most supermarket brands.

I mainly use it for slurries and for frying one of my fav shrimp recipes, and would be bummed if I bought something that yielded less than satisfactory results.

I have never noticed any difference between brands. That said I definitely prefer other starches over corn starch for every application I can think of.

What would you replace it with for my shrimp?

What are you doing with the shrimp?

My OP has a link to the recipe.

I would say Potato Starch would work well but Corn Starch is very good (at lower Temp better) for frying. At 350 I would think the Corn would be fine but if the Temp was higher I would suggest mixing the 2 or trying Potato Starch straight. Potato Starch is what is often used in making Kaarage.

The only starch I keep on hand is mung bean starch, because you can use it for slurries, velveting and making mung bean jelly noodles.

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I haven’t noticed but that may depend on what use it for.

I’ve used both Argo and the Shoprite store brand recently for thickening sauces and making pudding. I don’t see a difference between them for these purposes.

I am frying with it…

"Add egg white to shrimp and mix well.

Mix 1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch with 1/2 teaspoon salt, add to shrimp, and stir to coat well.

Add 1 1/2 tablespoon oil and mix well again, then refrigerate at least 2 hours.

Remove the shrimp and dust with remaining cornstarch. Shrimp should be dry to the touch.

Heat fryer to 350°F; shake off excess cornstarch and separate shrimp.

Fry till golden brown."

I did my shrimp last night… I ran out of Bob’s so bought the much cheaper Safeway house brand. No discernible difference, and I make this dish often enough where I would definitively notice.

I may need to rethink some of the stuff I order from Bob’s.

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I usually use the store House Brand for corn starch and have never been disappointed.
I do like potato starch also.

Bob’s is good for Masa Harina which is difficult to find unless I’m shopping in a Specialty Shop.

Good idea. Bob’s and mail order are worth while if you live where shopping is limited or the product is not normally carried by your local.