corian counter question

We’re in the early stages of a kitchen redo. Current kitchen is original from the 50s - def some scary areas!
Question for those of you who live with corian counters in your kitchen - will I be able to roll out pie crusts, cut with a pizza wheel and clean up with a bench scraper? I have had the old formica counters for so long that I am pretty abusive with them and think nothing of using the pizza wheel, biscuit cutter etc. on the counter. I am not likely to want to use a board to roll out pie dough, cookies etc. if the corian can’t handle this kind of action.

we have Corian solid surface on the sink side, and a granite island counter.

Corian is a soft plastic. it will scratch. you may think that metal bench scraper is smooth, but the Corian will likely not agree.

pizza wheel cutter? = same as sharp knife. mucho marks/scratches/gouges/etc.

the good news is, Corian can be “polished” to remove these marks. the bad news is: you’re gonna make a lotta’ marks with those habits.

so, get a harder surface, or adapt to using boards/mats/etc to minimize the scratch effect on soft plastics.

Corian is so 70’s ish…and is soft and does not stand up too well. Granite is very hard and should not scratch. My suggestion as a plumbing contractor who has done thousands of kitchens, is to have a section of your counter that is made so if the granite does get damaged, it can be replaced. Many people buy an extra piece of the granites, much like people store some of the tile used in a renovation project.

We have a friend who used to be a professional baker. He has a large (30x30?) piece of whatever their countertops are made of for his dough and other making.

Also I can’t imagine cutting on ANY countertop. Isn’t that why Jesus gave us cutting boards? :)grinning:

The Corian looks great for shower and tub surrounds . They have come out with some really nice colors . And the best part . Easy to clean , and mold free . I have been having it installed on my jobs . Everybody has been real pleased with it .

Thanks all for the replies. We are now leaning toward granite for durability. I’m not crazy about the hardness/coldness but at this point it seems the most practical for an abusive baker:) Since we are in the early stages, I’ll be back for more good advice!

The coldness of granite is a benefit to pastry doughs, as you know. It will dull your knife and pizza cutters, however. A simple baking mat would be a savior. I’ve had Corian (terrible), granite ,and now quartz and marble.

Again, why would you cut on your counter top regardless of what it’s made of?

I never cut directly on my counters, except cookie cutters :slight_smile: I do find a simple baking mat will help prevent light scratching if you are inclined to do this.

I have numerous cutting boards and would never cut directly on my counters.