Corelle Visions Cookware is coming back

I realize the amber colored Corelle Visions cookware from the 1980s is a love it or hate it topic. It looks like Corelle is bringing it back, slightly redesigned from its prior design. On their website, it is listed as “New!”
It looks like the bottoms of the various items are plain, not Teflon coated. The site shows various sizes of stewpots, casseroles, and Versapots available.
Just for the record, I bought the original Teflon-coated bottom versions for my first apartment out of college in the 1980s and never had an issue with them. I kind of wish I still had those, for nostalgia purposes. Maybe not to cook in,now, but as a display. I donated them when I moved cross-country.

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I had some in college (I think I purchased them at a K-mart). They were fine for my purposes (cooking instant ramen and making rice). I had the little skillet and a small pot, which had the teflon. Once the teflon started to wear, I put them out by our building’s dumpster. This was a common practice in our living community for those who wanted to “donate” rather than toss items. Someone came by and scooped them up within the hour.


I registered for a full set for my first wedding.

I went out and bought a set of TFal within a year. I hated cooking with it.


Wait? I thought Vision cookware are always here.

My mom bought the 10" saute. POS IMO. I hated cooking with that thing. Just reinvigorated my love for grandma’s CI.

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Visions is like an underground coal fire that can’t be extinguished.


Maybe I am confused. I do see many of these glassware cookware being sold. I will take a few photos. I thought they are Vision. They are like Made in France…etc. If I see them this weekend, I will take a few photos.

I was trying to tidy up my pots and pans storage a couple of days ago. Truth to tell, I’ve amassed one(or more) of just about everything in every material. Except for Visions. And I’m not tempted.

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Get one for the team!

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:joy:. I have an induction range …


Aren’t these beautiful?

I had a Pyrex stovetop siphon coffee maker (a “double bubble) when I had a gas stove while I was in school. I remember using it! It was very cool to look at! I suspect it got lost during a move.

The milk pot is lovely and doubly nonfunctional - you can’t even put it in an oven because of the wood handle. (and I’ve had metal pans with wood handles …. Long ago)

But why do you need to put a milk pot in oven?
I don’t have a milk pot, but if I were to get one. It would be this (for the Peanuts design)


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So would I!!

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No, but they’d have certainly sold better over the years if they’d been clear.


We were gifted one saucepan as a wedding present. No teflon and I used it a few times in the microwave and stovetop. I’m thinking the handle got hot in both situation so I stopped using - hard to hold with a potholder. If I kept it, it’s in the far back corner of a cupboard.

Look what I have! 6-1/2" saute pan. I had no idea it was Visions, I thought it was Anchor Hocking. I used to have a sauce pan but I broke it a long time ago. I use it occasionally.

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Nice. What do you usually cook with it? Assuming you have another metal based sauce pan (aluminum, triply stainless steel …), when do you decide to use which one?

I’m pretty sure I never fried anything in it. I use cast iron for that 90% of the time. I use it mostly to bake small amounts of something, like dressing for Thanksgiving or nuking something.