copper pot by jean paul theveux

Alexander or Kaleo

I recently found a 5 piece set of JP Theveux hammered windsor sauce pan for $ 560, they are hand made and newly tinned
6 1/2" up to 9 3/4 " width
2 1/2 " to 3 3/4" depth
12" to 20" long with handle
7.750kg weight 17lb approx
2 mm thickness

Have been trying to decide whether it is a good buy, or should I stick to buying only one of JPT’s windsor, 71/4 2 mm 15" handle 2.13 pound, newly tinned for $144 instead

Probably will l not have use for all that sauce pan but wander if JPT’s is worth collecting?
They look beautiful , flag of France stamped on the pans.
Spent a lot of time trying to find more about JPT but unable to find anything about him
Just saw a 2 year old post in CH , Alexander mentioned JPT, so thought it is worthwhile asking before I make my decision,