copper cookware oddities

Hi from Mae. Has anyone ever heard of “Offert Paris Tupperware” - I saw pictures of a copper frying pan 2 mm copper and tin-lined. The handle only had 2 rivets, which I wonder about. I never would have associated Tupperware with copper cookware! (You must have heard of those 60’s parties where the ladies had a dress code including white gloves to attend, but this was for the miracle plastic tupperware.)

Also I noticed a monster copper frying pan weighing over 19 pounds, no doubt because it is 5 mm thick. (For those of you looking for extra fort copper!) regards Mae

Mae, where was this Tupperware posting? Has the distinct aroma of autocorrect. :wink:

I can’t even imagine 5mm. Can you post a link? 19lbs. Explains why chefs were men. I’ve read that the most significant difference in men v women skeletal/musculature is grip and forearm strength. (I guess all y’all men had to have a good handle on that spear when the mastodon charged. The rest of us were skittering through the undergrowth looking for vegetal sustenance.)

If the physiognomy info is incorrect, blame it on my dentist’s choice of waiting room lit.

Yes, a Tupperware Mark is legit. I’ve heard it explained away as a promotion, but I don’t believe it. I’m as curious as anyone to hear the real history. I suggest that there are 2 different people named Tupper.

This illustrates an important point about copperware: If it’s thick, well-designed and well-manufactured, it makes almost no culinary difference what is stamped on it. E.g., Crate & Barrel -stamped pieces can be quite good. The converse can also be true; Gaillard and Jacquotot made some worthlessly thin pans.


I was searching for a hammered copper windsor sauce pot and stumbled unto one ( Tupperware Copper Ware made in France) on ETSY, sold by Normandy Kitchen
It is about 6 .25 inches, 1 pound 6 ounce with cast iron handle , 3 rivets for under $60 plus shipping .

So there is more than one Tupper ware copper pot out there! The one I mentioned, I didn’t like the look of its handle. I have one heavy English oldie that is hammered copper, splayed, and if it didn’t have its generous handle I wouldn’t use it. regards Mae

Yes there are many. Was the 5 mm. pan you saw a ‘Tupperware’? In general, the sauce pans are a bit shorter and have a slightly more graceful curve to the bottom. Some are hammered, with tight horizontal marks. I’m fairly sure another company made them because there are many similar unmarked pans, in various thicknesses, some smooth and some planished. Some of the Tupperware ones were engraved along the cast iron handle.

Hi Alexander - the 5 mm. one is marked J. Gaillard. It is an old frying pan with new tin. Interesting that the Tupperware pots have a different shape. I haven’t seen a saucepan. The one I saw was a frying pan. I thought the handle looked a bit shorter than most cast iron handles. It was marked on the pan not the handle.
Speaking of odd copper brands, have you run across any Salling copper? I saw a couple in a discount store locally, marked down from $400 Cdn to $200 Cdn. They looked very Danish, which they are, with short fuzzy handles. Well, not fuzzy but covered in a black rubber type substance. What I am perplexed about is they are lined with pewter. I know we can drink from pewter mugs but I know nothing about cooking with pewter. Nor could I find any info on the internet so far. There have been a couple on eBay, smaller, e.g. 5 to 6.5", with straight up sides. When you look up Salling copper, there is reference to an old and large department store named Salling, in Copenhagen, which has a prominent copper feature outside. The tags on Salling refer to several generations of coppersmiths. That is all I know about it. I am curious about the cooking with pewter aspect. Any thoughts? regards Mae

Pewter is mainly tin. And a little bit of copper (1%), and antimony and maybe silver or in some older pewter, lead. I’ve only seen Salling copper on the internet, including a cute small sauce pan that was silver lined. Gaillard’s in good shape are very much prized. I think I saw a thick 5 mm Gaillard sauté pan recently on eBay.

No wonder they want $1000.00 for it!

Hello Kaleo, are you still looking for an oval fish pan with a single cast iron stick handle? Tin lined, of course with copper rivets. . I saw one used that’s 36 x 21 cm. and about 2 kg. or maybe 2 - 2.5 thick. Looks like an old Bourgeat.

Price was $120. Plus $60. shipping from France.

Sure, thanks. Please send a link to my email at

O.K. I got a note that the pan weighs 2.4 kg. . That’s better.