Copper Cookware Forum from CH?

I am very new here from CH. Is there any way that a technically savvy member who is also a member of Cbowhound can save the copper cookware discussion thread and forum from CH and bring it over here? Is that allowed? There was a lot of valuable info on that thread.
A million thank you’s if it is possible. I am not technically savvy enough to figure out how to do it.


some big time serious copy right issues in that suggestion

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Conversations are copyright? This is the thread I was thinking should be saved.

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I’ve created a test thread and by copying and pasting each post to see how it looks like. The photos need to be individually pasted if in a slide show.

I’m reading about copyright thing now.

The ideal is, I think, is to asked the original members join to HO and to re-post again in here. Like Cookbook of the month, it has started in CH and moved over by the individual members.

@kate92 Do you think you can ask the copperware members in CH to join HO to recreate the gallery?

I have been trying to post on CH the last day or so. For some reason, it is not accepting my posts. I will keep trying.

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