Any action around here at all ?

This cookware sub forum seems deserted.

Not the successor from the soon to be dead
Chowhound cookware sub forum some of us had hoped it to be.

Sogn Spatula closing a copper gallery thread today just proves this point. It had two posts, both from Sogn Spatula.

I’ve made 5-6 posts here during the last 3-4 days.
One reply and that’s it.

Sad to say, but this is not what I had hoped for.

For those of us unfamiliar with the idea, please provide more information. If you read through cookware threads on HO, it might help you out.

I’m sorry you are disappointed! I’ve viewed some of your posts, but didn’t have anything useful to add.

I did research things I’ve purchased and how it worked out. In particular, some carbon steel pans, and the status of their “seasoning”.

Not sure if this is relevant, but I feel like somewhere, on some forum, I’ve been encouraged to search for old threads before starting a new one. Elsewhere I’ve been encouraged to start a new thread.

Milage varies.


Seems like we discuss cookware/knives etc. when a subject comes up, like cast iron and enameled pans and such.
Oh well, I’m sure there’s a FB cookware group.

Hi Claus,

I’ve been notified by email of several of your posts, but I didn’t have anything to add.

I’m planning to start several threads still this month for HO to reintroduce myself.

In recent years, I have focused my posting at HO on the same knife related topics as on Chowhound.

Be patient–and maybe introduce yourself with a new thread.



Welcome @Claus! I’m mod of Cooking Discussion. Yes, we have a small cookware sub board with a few members. It will be great that more CHers will be joining us to make it lively.

A new member @Kate92 has contacted us here to ask us to move the entire copper ware thread from CH to HO, I’ve started to do a test, it was me posting, not Sogn Spatula (not sure if this person is a member yet). It was just a test and I closed the thread to make sure there is no copyright infringement, as we are checking that now.

I think it will be nice if you can help by asking your friends to sign up to rebuild a community here. A good community needs a lot of effort and passion to build.


Let’s talk with @kaleokahu . I know he has reached out to some folks to come here. Kaleo, any feedback? Maybe we can do a welcome discussion just like Toronto and Paris did to get people warmed up too. Thoughts?

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I think the synergy is coming. CH officially dies in 6 days.

I’m definitely going to be more active here in the future.


I’m here from CH. I’m guessing others will be here too.

I think we just have wait to reach “critical mass” before things look good. We might have to check here and post from time to time until HO reaches that stage.


I know. I was one of the cookware person from the old Chowhound. Let me reply to you.


I’m an old Chowhounder as well. I think HO will be just as good, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the cookware forum on CH. It will take some time for this site to develop; we just have to be patient and continue participating.


Nice to see responses from new as well as seasoned members.

I look forward to being part of this new community.