Cool Gift Giving Idea....................

While there are several unique gifts on this site, this one in particular would be an awesome gift for a meat eater like me, who wouldn’t want some Jr’ personal branded steak? @VikingKaj @corvette_johnny @seal (not so sure how appetizing people will find eating “Seal Meat”) @joonjoon @MZ Santa Jr is looking out for you all.

Side note; If you go to the exquisite whiskey page, notice they have steel and stone chilling cubes. Anyone have any experience with these? (I also find it humorous that the site that has a page called “Find Your Zen” also sells pistol shaped ice cube forms)

Ooh, ooh, I like the probe!

Do you think I can use it elsewhere as well?

I would say check the owners manual first and make sure it’s approved for “rump roasts” and you should be fine. (sometimes I’ve even shocked how easy it is to bait me into commenting) For the record I was talking about the branding iron. (which now opens the door for your next “Vikings meat in your mouth” comments)

Ooh, ooh, there was a branding iron???

I missed that.

That is so interesting.

Think of all the playtime uses…

Y’all are going to tip the “naughty or nice” meter…:wink:

See what I get for trying to help my fellow Ho’s out with holiday shopping ideas. {{ sigh }}

I wonder if the ice bullets fit into the ice pistols?

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Careful you’ll shoot your eye out !!!

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I already have a branding iron with my initials! Well, had. Lost it during one of my moves.

Wow…cool. Now you can replace it…or hint to someone to replace it for you! :wink:

So no matter how low hanging the fruit is, @NotJrvedivici I have to say there are some things that even I won’t touch…


Ya know what I could really use is one of these:

The little murderer brought in another victim in this morning.

I am getting tired of removing the dead, and dying but still flapping, from my basement.

Let’s see what he catches with the clown collar on…

I have a set of these and they work reasonably well. I like my Scotch at cool room temperature (probably 55-60F) and without any water, so during the summer when room temp is in the 70s, I usually put two or three of these in my glass to bring it down a bit. They don’t cool nearly as well as ice, of course, but they do bring the temp down a bit without watering down the booze.

Interesting…once used what is the “chill time” to get them back to freezing temp?

Not sure - I think probably a couple of hours in the fridge? I have a set of nine, and I usually only use 2-3 per drink and only drink 1-2 drinks per evening, so I haven’t ever run out of cold ones!

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I have several sets of these (they were a “hot” gift idea in my family a few years back). I never use them, they just sit in the freezer . . . I drink my good liquor out of good glasses and the thought of dropping rocks into them just make cringe. I think one set of them also suggested soaking them in vermouth to put in a martini - but honestly they aren’t really porous rock, so that always just seemed like a marketing stretch to me.

I do love my very large silicon cube molds for big blocks of ice and use those all the time.

All I saw was

“I like the probe”


“eating seal meat”

I feel like I’m missing something…

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Hi, NotJr:

The branding iron is sorta cool, but it looks flimsy. I’d bite for one that has a head that rotates between BLUE, RARE, MED, WELL.

I’ve tried the cubes. They work after a fashion. The only “advantage” is your cocktails don’t dilute. And you and your guests best have a good dentist…


We have these instead of those “ice rocks”:

The idea of putting stones in fine spirits makes me cringe.

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