Cookware for Halloween

What are your favorite tools for cooking and punkin carving for Halloween season?

Is it a flexible fillet knife for expressive Jack-O-Lantern eyes? Is it the heavy cleaver you answer the door with in hand? Is it the pumpkin- or gremlin-themed tureen or Dutch oven? A ghostly egg cup for edible eyeballs?

In my dotage, I’m not into Halloween as much as when I was young. But it did occur to me last night when gutting an acorn squash that a heavy spoon with a very sharp edge would come in handy for J-O-L curettage.

Shockingly, the little pumpkin carving kits they sell with the tiny little saws and plastic, thin-edged scraper are ACTUALLY pretty good for their intended purpose. Unless you’re one of those super-talented folks that carve whole pumpkins into Predators with elaborate skin-scraping and sculpting skills, the differenwnt size saws work pretty well for coarse vs fine details, and the scraper is usually strong enough to not break, and isn’t SO sharp-edged that smaller kids have to worry about injuring themselves too terribly. (It would be difficult, with any of the tools, to hurt one’s self more than a wash and a band-aid and a kiss to make it better would be needed.)

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