Cooking With Anthony Bourdain: A Tribute

Anyone want to cook some of Anthony Bourdain’s recipes with me? I’ve had Les Halles for years and I’ve enjoyed what I cooked. Same with Appetites. The recipes are not too hard. His cassoulet has been on my to-do list forever.

It’s a little thing I can do to remember the man and the legend.


I like this idea. I will have to google some of his recipes. I have a number of his non fiction books but not cookbooks.


Maybe a pretty good place to start would be page 134 for the wine recommendation. We also like brandade.

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There are a number of on-line recipes. Hopefully this link from my EYB’s search will work:’&online-recipes=true

If it doesn’t, you can search even if not a member. Just click on Library, then Online Recipes then enter his name.


I didn’t realize my favorite mushroom soup recipe is from Les Halles:

I usually add a bit of fresh thyme, vary the mushrooms, veg broth, and immersion blender rather than an upright one. Very rich and flavorful.


Many years ago i lived not far from Les Halles, back when Bourdain was still involved, we ate there many times (although truthfully there wasn’t much on the menu for a vegetarian, but they would make me a nice grilled veggies plate with some toasty bread), my boyfriend at the time would always order the cassoulet in the winter- it was his favorite in nyc at the time. (And he was a professional chef) I just recall there would be a whole leg of duck confit involved with the bone poking out from the serving dish. Ha!
His sudden passing is tragic in so many ways


Here are two dishes I’ve cooked from Les Halles:

Coquilles St. Jacque with Champagne - This is a relatively easy dish, the trick is to get the pan searing hot (ghee is a must) for the scallops to develop a nice crust. The rest is a delicious cream sauce that comes together in a few minutes (if you use canned broth it is). Overall, delicious, and a dish that has made my regular rotation.


The second dish was the famous Les Halles Fries, reported to be the best in NYC, so I had to try them. Mine were ok, but I didn’t use GPOD 70 potatoes nor did I use peanut oil. It was a fun experiment to make real “frites” at home though.



Very nice. And your photography has improved much.

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Listing a few recipes from Meatn3’s link in case someone wants to give it a go. There are a few more on Food and Wine site. I don’t have any of his cookery books.

From Meatn3’s link I want to make Budae Jjigae (“army stew”) but without spam. I love Korean Jjigaes.

Being a cheesehead I have been wanting to make Tartiflette. Bourdain’s recipe is here.

Mashed potatoes Kind Of Robuchon-Style.

Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad, Anthony Bourdain’s Last Supper.

Poulet Basquaise


Thanks! I’m putting in effort, that’s for sure.

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I made this soup this morning. Absolutely delish!

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Yay! It is so simple, comforting, and reassuring - and there is a decadence to it, too, though I don’t know how to put that into words.

I was pleasantly surprised that the sherry didn’t give it too much of an alcohol flavor. In the recipe it’s added before serving and not boiled off. Sometimes I find the alcohol off putting but it wasn’t in this case. Thanks for posting!


Gorgeous fries! I do remember the fries at les halles were really excellent, when my bf ordered steak frites there would be a comical huge pile of them so obviously i would help out.