Cooking With Anthony Bourdain: A Tribute

(Kathy S. ) #1

Anyone want to cook some of Anthony Bourdain’s recipes with me? I’ve had Les Halles for years and I’ve enjoyed what I cooked. Same with Appetites. The recipes are not too hard. His cassoulet has been on my to-do list forever.

It’s a little thing I can do to remember the man and the legend.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #2

I like this idea. I will have to google some of his recipes. I have a number of his non fiction books but not cookbooks.


Maybe a pretty good place to start would be page 134 for the wine recommendation. We also like brandade.


There are a number of on-line recipes. Hopefully this link from my EYB’s search will work:’&online-recipes=true

If it doesn’t, you can search even if not a member. Just click on Library, then Online Recipes then enter his name.


I didn’t realize my favorite mushroom soup recipe is from Les Halles:

I usually add a bit of fresh thyme, vary the mushrooms, veg broth, and immersion blender rather than an upright one. Very rich and flavorful.


Many years ago i lived not far from Les Halles, back when Bourdain was still involved, we ate there many times (although truthfully there wasn’t much on the menu for a vegetarian, but they would make me a nice grilled veggies plate with some toasty bread), my boyfriend at the time would always order the cassoulet in the winter- it was his favorite in nyc at the time. (And he was a professional chef) I just recall there would be a whole leg of duck confit involved with the bone poking out from the serving dish. Ha!
His sudden passing is tragic in so many ways

(Kathy S. ) #7

Here are two dishes I’ve cooked from Les Halles:

Coquilles St. Jacque with Champagne - This is a relatively easy dish, the trick is to get the pan searing hot (ghee is a must) for the scallops to develop a nice crust. The rest is a delicious cream sauce that comes together in a few minutes (if you use canned broth it is). Overall, delicious, and a dish that has made my regular rotation.


The second dish was the famous Les Halles Fries, reported to be the best in NYC, so I had to try them. Mine were ok, but I didn’t use GPOD 70 potatoes nor did I use peanut oil. It was a fun experiment to make real “frites” at home though.


(:@)) :@)) ) #8

Very nice. And your photography has improved much.

(:@)) :@)) ) #9

Listing a few recipes from Meatn3’s link in case someone wants to give it a go. There are a few more on Food and Wine site. I don’t have any of his cookery books.

From Meatn3’s link I want to make Budae Jjigae (“army stew”) but without spam. I love Korean Jjigaes.

Being a cheesehead I have been wanting to make Tartiflette. Bourdain’s recipe is here.

Mashed potatoes Kind Of Robuchon-Style.

Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad, Anthony Bourdain’s Last Supper.

Poulet Basquaise

(Kathy S. ) #10

Thanks! I’m putting in effort, that’s for sure.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #11

I made this soup this morning. Absolutely delish!


Yay! It is so simple, comforting, and reassuring - and there is a decadence to it, too, though I don’t know how to put that into words.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #13

I was pleasantly surprised that the sherry didn’t give it too much of an alcohol flavor. In the recipe it’s added before serving and not boiled off. Sometimes I find the alcohol off putting but it wasn’t in this case. Thanks for posting!


Gorgeous fries! I do remember the fries at les halles were really excellent, when my bf ordered steak frites there would be a comical huge pile of them so obviously i would help out.