Cooking unrinsed rice without boilover

I learned this from a long-gone Indian cooking show on PBS, Cooking with Kurma. He used regular white rice and the 10-minute difference in cooking time. I believe the abundance of water and its continual motion remove the surface starch because the purpose of this method is to guarantee that the rice doesn’t clump.

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Lol, you can add the 1.4 billion Chinese people too (and Japan and Korea i know wash/rinse their rice). My mom refuses to eat unrinsed rice, and says it tastes funky when it hasn’t been rinsed enough.


Always rinse my rice. That’s how my mom did it and her mom who was born in Aleppo. Rice was always a big deal and a bit of oil and salt is added as well. The crunchy rice at the bottom is always a fav

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I like the small bit of oil thing too, especially with basmati. Which my local supermarket still sells a non “easy cook” version of, hence I can still cook it without confusing myself needlessly, unlike American-style long grain. :slight_smile:

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