Cooking Tweezer Tongs

I think I need tweezer tongs, looked on Amazon, too many choices.


Do you recommend any?

What do you need them for that regular tongs (I love my OXO) wouldn’t suffice?

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I purchased a pair that was recommended in Bon Appetit, I do not like them, the tips do not grab well.

I use the narrow tipped to clean lint from the clothes dryer, I have not found a use for the wide tipped one.

I prefer using chops sticks over the tweezer tongs.

Based on my experiences, I recommend testing in person.


i use the 12’’ version. i picked it up at a restaurant supply store (think it was only around $5). seems to work as intended. i find myself using it to turn scallops, extract jar capers, and deviled egg modifications.

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Hmmm. I’d be worried to pierce scallops with those pointed ends. My OXO tongs work perfectly fine for turning scallops, pieces of meat, etc.

I retrieve capers from the jar with a cake/dessert fork.

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I use an iced tea spoon for capers.

I see them using them on Instagram, look to be more precise, nimble.

I’ll have to go by the restaurant supply store.

I guess I don’t often have to pick up tiny things that would require a huge tweezer :slight_smile:

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We have these, they work well for delicate items. The tweezer tongs I see are usually being used to place the final garnish. We aren’t quite that precise these days.


The Bon Appetit article was using tweezer tongs to garnish dishes; placing flower petals, herbs, fish eggs, etc.

The pair I tried did not pick up flower petals.

Where do you find those?

We’ve had the bigger pair for while, the smaller pair I picked up at World Market a few years back. If I remember correct.y, there were several sizes in the display.
I would imagine Amazon would have a selection.
We use them a lot with dumplings, seafood and stir fry.

yeah. some clarification required. . . .

“tweezers” and “tongs” both “grab” things - but size matters . . .
I have SS “pliers” for fish bones,
I have really nifty WMF pastry tongs for general use,
I have Graefe medical style forceps for tiny itty bitty stuff . . .

there’s a “needs” difference of flipping a schnitzel and placing edible flowers as garnish…

Google; trainer wood cooking chopsticks.

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