Cooking or Kitchen Goals 2021

Just wondering if anyone has set any cooking goals for themselves, challenges, or has any kitchen projects, which could include reorganization or upgrades? How about the purchase of new toys in the coming year?

For myself, after nearly a year’s hiatus from the kitchen (with a few exceptions), I’m planning to get back in the kitchen to cook, firstly. Have also challenged myself to make a selection of good flatbreads, and to cook Indian food. Also, I want to try recipes out of the diverse cookbook library I have at home.

Interested to hear other’s responses!


Domestically, I might have to finally renovate the home kitchen. I’ve scraped wallpaper from and/or painted every other part the house and even re-tiled the bathroom. I recently got a little over-zealous vacuuming peeling paint off the ceiling where there had been a leak god knows how long ago and now there’s a hole. I’m afraid of how big a can of worms that’s going to be once I get in there - how much drywall needs to be replaced and if there’s other rot/damage. Of course there’s more wallpaper in the kitchen because Grandma, but it’s all these weird little strips around cabinets that seem like a huge PITA because of the tight spaces. Gonna have to psych myself up for that. Cabinets and countertops/backsplash are quaint '60s, I’d keep the cabinets but consider updating the others.

Professionally, bonbons were quite popular for the holidays so I’ve already bought myself more molds and a sample new box format.




We inherited an Instapot during our travels…so we will try not to ignore the gadget and work in a new meal prep.

My wife went on a digital cookbook spree recently, so USING them in’21.

I plan to finish bldg the greenhouse this spring so we can use it as an outdoor dining room.

That’s it so far.


Improve bread and pastry making. I’ve got some baking books as presents, need to make good use of them.

This year I haven’t worked on much with pasta / noodle making, so more on that. Also more in dumpling / ravioli making.

Like @Lambchop, I’ve got a few Indian books this year, will like to venture into it. Also Central and South America cuisines too, they are areas that I’m not familiar with.

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On food wastage, I think I’m getting better. I try to use up most part as the food as much as possible, bones in meat to make broth, shells in shrimps and prawns to make sauce. The uneatable part of vegetables are tossed into the worm bin. The other day, I even used up the remaining cheese rind to make pumpkin soup, it was delicious.

As for food storage etc, I think I do ok this year, I’m emptying and using a lot of things that have been siting there in the fridge, freezer and cupboard for too long.

Maybe buy less is more the aim in the coming year.

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