Cooking-of-the-month Voting (Jan-Feb 2016) - LAST 10 HOUR VOTING!!!

To vote, stick a fork and knife into the following nominees. You may only vote once. Voting will close on Monday Jan 25 0:01 Pacific Time.

Edited to add: This is to vote for the dish/ cuisine that we will cook this month.

Kale- Cooked

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Dumplings- any variations from any cuisine, e.g. pierogi, dumpling, ravioli, empanada, etc.


Smoked Meat/ Fish

Northern Chinese cooking

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Almond Pressed Duck

Stir Fry


Egg Custard Tart- different variations

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@hungryonion please delete the poll, I was just testing and it couldn’t be deleted after 5 minutes. the forks/knives system is better, we can see who voted what…

How is that relevant for the end result?

To avoid confusion, please stick to the stick+fork method in the first post. (I can’t remove NAF’s poll now that its past 5 minutes, apparently)

Btw, is visible or anonymous voting more desirable?

I don’t get what we are voting for? Voting which is more popular? Voting which is an more interesting topic? Voting for a new category?

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Good point. Edited first post.

Why not we name this Hungry Onion’s cooking of the month? Whatever of the month isn’t very appealing…



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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo