Cooking Hack of the Day (CHotD)

So, to keep things light and fluffy, I thought this theme might be a nice way for Onions to offer random tips to make things go easier and/or better. I mean, everyone knows some little thing…

How about this? A good way to keep lobster meat tender is not to boil the sh!t out of it. Kill it first, then poach it in 50:50 white wine and water for 3 hours. Maybe with minced shallot.

What’s your CHotD?

Making a roux in the microwave!!!


Blast Motown R&B while you’re cooking (except the Diana Ross and James Brown…I f’in hate them).

I gather Donna Summer, the BeeGees and The Villiage People are also persona non grata?

Sorry – couldn’t resist the irresistible title for a food forum:


Nope, they’d all make the playlist.

But he saved Boston!


Today, whole fish poaching…

135F is ideal. It takes longer, but is worth it!

For small fish, start with the liquid already to temperature. If you start in cold, you’re likely to overcook the fish before the liquid gets hot.

For large fish, the opposite–start with cold liquid and gradually add heat. If you start in hot, the outside of the fish overcooks by the time the inside gets heated.

Lately my kitchen soundtrack has been the Dropkick Murphys!


Yesterday I made a big batch of keftethes (Greek meatballs) for a party this afternoon. My hack was to cook them in the air fryer (a mode in my oven). Two batches of 50 meatballs each took 12 minutes per batch. Baking in the oven would have taken much longer, and pan frying that many would be a real chore.


Hell yeah! " I’m goin’ out in style!"

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