Cooking Dry Beans

Kuner’s brand is my go-to for canned chili beans in sauce. Usually I buy the black beans “in cumin and chili spices.” They work well as a weeknight shortcut for nachos and butternut squash chili.

Kuner’s is from the same parent company (Faribault Foods) as the S & W beans you mention. If I ever see S & W at my grocer, I’ll do a side-by-side taste test for the fun of it.


That makes me wonder if they’re the same product, but labeled differently for the East and West, similar to Hellman’s/Best Foods? I haven’t seen Kuner’s in the markets around here @tomatotomato. But the black beans of which you speak sound delicious.

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Cooking in alcohol toughens the outer layer of vegetable matter, adding to the cooking time, according to Lidia Bastianich.

Agreed. I was talking about wine for the cook. grin I think Ms. Bastianich would concur.

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I always like to season beans with salt at the beginning. Just taste better to me when the salt penetrates the beans early on in the cooking process

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― Jonathan Gold