Cooking and baking with soda pop

Which recipes do you like? I’ve made some good Galbi with Sprite.

I have made a Coke Ham in the past.

My cousin’s Donauwelle cake called for lemon or orange Fanta, something like this for the cake batter.


nice query @Phoenikia

my aunt makes her (braised) brisket which comes out great with a strange mix of coke, onion soup mix and cranberry sauce.


Similar idea here.


Brownies with Coke.

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gimme a coke float with chocolate syrup and chocolate ice cream and i’m a happy guy

that’s cooking !

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I also use a splash of Sprite or 7Up in scrambled eggs if I am going for the “fluff”.

And if I am making pancakes that I intend to eat on the sweet side, then I use Sprite in my pancake batter as well.

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I’m tempted to substitute Dr. Pepper :joy:. When I was little and we’d travel down South to visit my grandparents, Dr. Pepper was an exotic treat. Didn’t have it up north.

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Dr Pepper and Brio Chinotto are 2 sodas I order, maybe because I like what the can or bottle looks like , and I can never finish the whole can.

I give up after 3 or 4 sips. :rofl:

I’ve realized, after trying many sodas, because I’m a new product addict, I mostly like Coke, German lemon Fanta, the occasional grape soda and the occasional ginger ale. That’s about it. Now, I only buy Coke (regular and Mexican, in glass bottles when I can) , fancy Italian colas and ginger ale. LOL. Also, an occasional Orangina or Ting. I don’t mind San Pellegrino lemon soda.

I will cook with Sprite, but I can’t drink it.

Turkey breast with cola soda.

I learned of the dish from a food tv show. There are many recipes on the internet. The one I use is from the Food Network.

I tried making tempura batter with soda water. It come out so-so but not as good as restaurant.

I also clean toilets with Coke.

Oh wait, this is for the before

Nevermind. Carry on. :laughing:

I miss Mr. Pibb

Made a root beer ham. It was a’ight; but nothing to write home about.

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The proprietor of a new Colombian rotisserie chicken place here, years ago, told a reporter he used 7-Up in the overnight marinade and indicated it was common among pollo asado stands in Colombia to use a carbonated soda in marinades.

I’ve made (and been served) Dr Pepper pulled pork. The South American restaurant that I had it at served it as pulled pork in their Cubano. Mucho Gusto.


I like San Pellegrino Aranciata! And the occasional Mexican coke in a glass bottle, if I’m feeling under the weather. I keep a couple of bottles with my ginger ale stash. I was just talking to a friend - she knew about Coca Cola brisket and said it was one of the first things she ever cooked. Neither of us could recall drinking sodas with meals at home as children. We then went on to the lost delight of a fountain Coke with a little extra syrup …

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