Cooked Lobster, tomalley

I purchased cooked lobsters today.

One lobster was normal.

In the other, the claw and tail meat looked normal and cooked. Green liquid came out is the lobster when I pulled the tail off.

The tomalley was still liquid. Was the lobster undercooked?

Anytime I’ve seen tomalley previously, it was more solid. I’ve never seen green liquid before.

Is it safe to use the tail and claw meat in a salad or should I poach it to kill anything?

Thanks for any information.

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It looks like the dark green in the lobster I purchased was undercooked row according to this guy.

It didn’t look like tomalley. Lower down in the tail, there were cooked roe (coral coloured)

Have you tried cooking the green stuff at low temp to see what color it gets - if it is indeed lobster roe it should turn red(ish)

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I scraped out the dark green stuff and the cooked red roe, because I’m not a fan , and the plan had been lobster rolls. It makes sense that it was roe, other times the same cavity was filled with cooked red roe, now that I think about it.

I poached the lobster that had a bit of green left on it. It stayed greenish. I would have removed any roe when I cleaned it.

I poached the rest of the lobster separately, in another pan, in case it came in contact with the green liquid, to bring it up to 145 degrees, and serves it with butter and lemon.

It tasted fine. But not worth all the work and googling. :rofl:

Someone else on Reddit posted a similar photo of undercooked Lobster Roe.