Cookbooks I got for Christmas

My family usually does presents on Christmas Eve. I got several cookbooks and a food-related book, and thought I’d share them.

Kevin Bolton’s Cookin’ Louisiana - This is arranged by Louisiana parishes. I enjoy his tv show, and would like to try some of the recipes which are scarce online. They seem very straightforward.

Damn Good Chinese Food: Chris Cheung. I read about this one in a couple of reviews. I like that he talks about growing up in New York City’s Chinatown along with the recipes.

Double Awesome Chinese Food: Andrew, Irene, and Margaret Li - no clue. Anyone used this one?

Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide: Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras - This looks fun. It’s arranged geographically. I subscribe to Atlas Obscura online, so I’m looking forward to digging into this.

Anyone else get some cool cookbooks for Christmas?


Congrats on your gifted books! Sadly, none for me because I have too many! (How is that even possible?) I mean, really? I’m gifting one at the request of DD2 - The Bottom of the Pot. I’ll look through it before wrapping though. DD2 in Arizona for Christmas with the in-laws.
Enjoy your new books, have heard of a couple, but they all sound interesting.


Thanks. Fortunately I recently weeded my cookbook collection, put them in my little free library., and advertised on NextDoor. They were snapped up instantly!
At this point in my life, I am reading cookbooks rather than cooking from them, so I prefer ones that have lots of stories in them. My cooking has gotten much simpler at the same time that my skills have matured - not a bad combination!


I got this one!

I’m going to have to make some room.

Gastro Obscura is on my list.


Looks good @shrinkrap and perfect for you; the other one sounds interesting too.

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I got myself a stupidly cheap used copy of Maximum Flavor by Kamozawa and Talbot (from ideas on food). I absolutely love their blog and can’t wait to check it t the book!


Father Christmas brought me Claudia Roden’s “Med - a cookbook” and Ruby Tandoh’s “Cook as you are”.

As she’d been a good girl most of the time, he also brought Mrs H “An A - Z of Pasta” by Rachel Roddy.


The siblings are well regarded here in Boston. I’m not familiar with their cookbook, though and I’ve never had the “Double Awesome,” the sandwich that brought them widespread popularity. Sadly, they’ve had to re-jigger their restaurant model (fast casual) due to pandemic losses.


Could you link this blog?
Sounds interesting :thinking:

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I’d recommend starting at the beginning (chronologically).


Thanks :blush:

B and Spring Onion got me “Myers + Chang: At Home.” I love that restaurant but we haven’t been there in ages. I hope we can return one day.