Cookbooks and magazines recommendations

For those who wish to read a truly enchantingly humorous as well as informative book, this is just a true jewel about a gentleman who has travelled around the world sampling the false Italian concoctions of the Italian immigrants who traversed the globe and have passed down false récipes.

I read it on a flight in 2 hours. I could not put it down. And the best part are the authentic Italian Recipes of the amazingly exceptional author & private chef.

Available in: Pdf, " e-book format " and in English and Italian on Amazon.






Thanks Barca for your recommendations. I saw Thuries in store, but haven’t check it out.

My favourites for the moment (French magazines) are YAM. Each issue they have an highlight of a 2 or 3 stars chef, half of the recipes are professionals and a few for home cooking.

For patisserie, I read Fou de Patisserie -
It’s the first magazine that tried to bring the professional baking into home, and a big success in France. I don’t bake a lot, but it is entertaining.

I also read Fou de Cuisine, and it concentrated on restaurant chef’s cooking.
From time to time, I read 180ºC, Beef etc…

All of these you can get the editions on apps or online at their website.


I’ve moved your recommendations to a new thread, as they aren’t discount ebooks on promotion.

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Yes, I receive Yam as well.

Three Michelin Starred Chef Yannick Alleno is the Publisher.

It is an exceptional magazine too.

Master Chef Magazine (French ) is also a very good magazine. I like the format.

Off top of think tank, I do not know Foude Patisserie however, Thanks alot for the link.

I only understood recently YAM stands for Yannick Alleno Magazine. So vain!

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A little random, but in SF’s Japantown book store Kinokuniya, they had these food Magazines on single subjects called Magazine F (the food section is under Magazine B which is a Korean magazine):

I picked up the tomato issue and it seems pretty neat so far.


Magazine is $17, shipping to France is $21!! :rofl:

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Yeah… its not cheap :frowning:

I also seen it on amazon, is shipping free there?

@Night07, how can I find the tomato issue? I’m a little confused.

Nevemind. I found it.

Magazine F - Art Book (SALT, CHEESE, CHICKEN, TOMATO, AND RICE) Single Issue Magazine – Unabridged, 2019 by JOH (Author) for $60.00. No “chocolate”.

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That’s an artbook which doesn’t have the articles and such.

That’s the tomato issue.

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I saw the separate volumes at $26.00 as well, but ordered the art book. I may need to compare on or two of the ndivual ones to see if some might be better for me.
Would you mind sharing a screen shot of a page from one of the articles?
How have you used yours? A one time read or going back to it from time to time with questions?
BTW, the ones I see ship free with prime.

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Here is a great book on Alicantine and Valencian Rices by Three Michelin Starred Chef Quique Dacosta.

If you can see the top left pictures on the amazon page, there are multiple pages showing what’s in the magazine. If not, check out this page:

I’ve mainly just reading it for history and culture though its more of a Korean perspective which is quite interesting to me as I’m use to more American trends.

Thank you! I did that and it seemed to include articles. I was wondering what made the other book different.I think the website will work.

Oh the artbook? It doesn’t really contain detailed information such as the variety of tomato and so forth. There’s bigger pictures and all but I was more interested in the info than the pictures haha.

I see! Thanks!