Cookbook choices

Sometimes my employer gives us “points” to use in their marketplace for some type of good behavior or other. I just realized I had a whole bunch of points and they were going to expire. So I bought cookbooks! Did I make the right choices? I’m curious what you think of these and if you have favorite recipes from them:

Bittman HTCE Vegetarian
Nosrat Salt Fat Acid Heat
DIY Pickling by Rockridge Press

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Saffron rice and Yogurt chicken from Salt Fat Acid Heat.
Lucky you!

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I got some steaks too :slight_smile:


+1 SFAH but I do think it’s a better read than useable cookbook

Bittman is always usable - it may seem a bit dated and over-simplified, but given the NYT background all those books are usable.

Bravetart isn’t my cup of tea - very sweet classic american desserts - but people who like that profile love her.

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Good to know thank you. I tend to prefer European type desserts or pastries. Less sugary sweet, more buttery with an emphasis on the dough. A good croissant is all worth it. However, there are other people in my household that would never turn down a slice of cake or a brownie so it will be good to be equipped :slight_smile: