“ Congee Wong, Spadina & 16th Ave., Richmond Hill “ - A surprisingly well executed, enjoyable meal at a ‘Congee Queen Clone’!

Located only steps… ( actually, more like a couple of minutes drive ) from my home. This casual ‘ Congee Queen Clone ‘ offers a wide range of near identical dishes to their popular competitor just down the road on Leslie and Hwy#7. For some unknown reason, we have been ignoring the place for years…until this evening?! With kids paying me a sudden impromptu visit and this senior too lazy to cook for the gang, we decided to eat out somewhere close by instead. Somehow, Congee Wong was the first place that came to mind?! So, with convenience a major factor, we decide to take a risk and give this neighborhood stranger a long-overdue try.

We ordered the following:

  • Cantonese Roasted Pork and Duck Combo
  • Stirred fried beef

    with Chinese Kale ( Ga-Lan )
  • Sizzling Satay Beef and Rice Vermicelli Hot Pot
  • Shrimp & Velvety Scrambled Egg Fu-Yung Rice Noodle ( Ho-Fun )

To our astonishment, every single one of the aforementioned dishes were nicely prepared. The end result, delightfully tasty.

It’s been quite a while since I last encountered such a pleasurable and well executed stirred fry Beef with Gai Lan dish…the tender beef, wonderfully seared, piping hot and with gorgeous wok-hay components.

The Satay used for the hot-pot was something special. We all loved the sweet, savory and spicy taste profile……a special house blend?..we wondered?! Once again, the nicely caramelized beef was a stand-out.

We also enjoyed the well seasoned and delectable Cantonese roasted meats. IMO, they can easily rub shoulders with Congee Queen’s commendable version.

Though not as well executed as Ritzy Palace’s amazing version, Congee Wong’s still delivered a more than acceptable and tasty stirred fry Ho-Fun dish.

So glad we have now one more closeby and decent place worth considering when it comes to a quick, fair value and casual Cantonese fare!