Commune Kitchen, Arlington, MA

Ferrari’s post on this place was nested inside July’s openings+closings thread so I’ll start a new one. We skipped having lunch in Worcester because the timing was not quite right for cipollini and the Ecotarium (we drove up-and-down Shrewsbury Street to kill some time while cipollini napped in the car and there were interesting-looking restaurants, like Volturno Pizza). Food options, as expected at the Ecotarium, were slim pickings.

By the time we reached Arlington, we were famished. After quick stops at Wilson Farm and Berman’s, I suggested pizza from CK. Space is really pleasant, guys behind the counter were awesome. We picked up a giant loaf of sourdough (photo doesn’t do it justice), and 2 pizzas - vegetarian (broccoli rabe, mushrooms, pine nut+thyme gremolata, and a white béchamel sauce) and clambake (clams, bacon, corn, potatoes, white béchamel, and Old Bay crust). Both had thin crusts and big puffy heels (which we both LOVE). My choice was the favorite. I sampled B’s - it was a little light on clams but otherwise delicious. The veggie had all of my favorite, earthy flavors. CK is definitely our favorite new pizza place. We can’t wait to dig into the bread.


The bread has been superlative for thick slices of avocado toast topped with really ripe tomatoes+coarse salt. My only complaint that the loaf is too big for us. Guess once it turns rock-hard, I can process them into breadcrumbs.

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Slice what you think you will not use while the bread is fresh (as soon after you buy it as possible) and freeze tightly wrapped. Frozen individual slices can be pried off fairly easily as needed and toasted directly from the frozen state (longer time, of course) with very little degradation in quality (for the first week or two) from fresh-bread toast.


Ignore this duplicate.

Another wonderful meal last night, made with obvious care and love. Cheese and porchetta pizzas.


I so wish that Commune Kitchen was open on Tuesdays. I watch the young grand-cioppini right down the street on Tuesdays. I would have this youngun’ munching on pizza dough while I ate the good stuff.

Why wouldn’t you give him also the good ztuff ?

Well, she is only 4 months old. I shouldn’t even be giving her the crusts. [Her Mom’s first solid food was some crust from Three Star Pizza on Gainsborough Street, years and years ago.]


At 4 months I can obviously understand why she is not getting her own pizza. I was just asking because we see too often that kids only get that horrible stuff from the kids menu

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I can assure you that my dear and may I say perfect, grand-shallot will always get real food and not what they push off onto kids in that section of the menu. My personal mission is to ensure that she eats a wide range of foods. I failed miserably with the grand-shallot’s mother, and plan to learn from my mistakes. :slight_smile:


i’ve picked up a half loaf a few times, but finally had a chance to spend a bit of time. the chocolate croissant is a masterpiece – the best i’ve had outside of paris. and the current soup, a butternut squash with roasted apple and bacon, is a work of art. my only quibble is that at $6.75 for a not huge bowl, it should come with at least one slice of their outstanding bread.

not at all judgmental here are you, Honkman. Let other people decide how to feed their own kids, and rest assured, we won’t give you advice on how to feed yours.

The last time I looked this was a discussion board about food, restaurants - I don’t have problems talking about many different topics in this field including what kids eat (including my own). Madrid - Just try to relax and don’t take life too serious.

Another superlative experience this past weekend. Cheese and the new-to-us Forager (broccoli rabe, ricotta, mushrooms). They now serve beer and wine (we got take out again but we’re gonna eat-in soon). Wowza.


We finally made it to Sunday-only brunch today. I thought we were going to try out the non bread-based dishes but instead went with spring toast (avocado toast amped up with wild mushrooms, asparagus, and hollandaise on their kick-ass sourdough), breakfast pizza for B, and campfire tartine for spring onion (photo of mine only; you can imagine what the latter 2 are composed of). Glass of Albariño and can of Arrogant Bastard.

Gonna sound a broken record but it’s my favorite new-ish restaurant in Boston (we don’t eat out much these days but I think we’re qualified enough to say that CK is just awesome). The smokiness of the bread, the well-balanced earthy flavors are all up our alley. I pinch myself that it’s in my town and chastise myself that we don’t get there nearly enough.

Our next brunch order will consist of non-take out friendly items - roasted potato leek soup, Korean brisket, buttermilk-fried chicken with flapjacks, poutine. Hope they’re still on the brunch menu.


thank you for this recommendation. we live in somerville and rarely get over to arlington but were out running errands on saturday (hit up trader joes in the heights as we wanted a longer drive so that our toddler would nap. LOL) and got hungry and i remembered this post. we loved it! the people working there were so nice. it’s a lovely spot (ahhh i miss zocalo) and the food was great. and $5 beers! sad that i think that’s a good deal. :confused: we had a cheese pizza. the mozzarella and sauce were delicious. i didn’t love the crust. just a bit too thick for me. but still delicious. husband loved the crust and mozz but was not a fan of the sauce. too sweet for him. i thought it tasted very fresh. 2.6yo was in heaven. :slight_smile: also got a grilled cesar, which was absolutely delicious. we will definitely be back!

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Along the same lines, we drove up to the Lynnfield Whole Foods yesterday afternoon after Commune Kitchen because our 2.5 yo didn’t want to nap at home. He got about a 20 minute cat nap and dad was happy visiting one of his favorite WF locations. B loves the big, splashy Lynnfield store. :smiley:

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Is the Whole Foods in Lynnfield bigger than the Fresh Pond store?

Have no idea square footage-wise if Lynnfield is bigger than Fresh Pond and it’s not necessarily the size that B loves, but it’s one of newer, glitzier locales in MA (it was the featured store on Top Chef Boston a few years ago). Lots of little nooks and crannies that feel like little shops within the shop.

We drive to Fresh Pond and I’m not a big fan of the Fresh Pond store simply due to the crazy parking lot.

thanks! we’ll check out Lynnfield when we are in that direction…and yes the Fresh Pond parking lot is horrendous!