Commune Kitchen, Arlington, MA

No, Lynnfield is not bigger but they do sell alcohol beyond beer & wine. Though I ,too, grit my teeth in the Fresh Pond parking lot, that WF has the best selection of products overall, the best cheese counter and likewise, fresh seafood counter.

It’s usually very easy to park between Staples and T.J. Maxx – and the distance from
there to WF takes a good minute or two to walk. I always see cars circling round the
spots near the WF entrances, when there are plenty of spots just 30 or 40 feet away.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and few other special days, though, are a different

thanks. Fresh Pond is much closer to us than Lynnfield, and going when they first open on Sat. or Sun. morning makes it a lot easier.

Yes, the parking lot is awful, but my most unfavorite lots are at the Whole Foods on Prospect St, in Cambridge (very small lot) and the Porter Square shopping center lot, where they deliberately crowded in many more spaces than the footprint can handle. Fortunately, we avoid Porter Square almost always with no missed opportunities (though I do love the bookstore, and the wine shop there has some good choices).

heh, you know who else hates this lot? guys in 18 wheelers who have to back in here to make deliveries. when I worked in Central Square, I saw many a horrified trucker eyeballing this maneuver.

We hit that store before 9AM on Sundays if we need something that only they carry. The roads over are empty and so is the store [and parking lot.]

Today was a rare day. I was in the area and my daughter wasn’t working, so we agreed to have lunch together. Walked down the street to enjoy lunch at the Commune Kitchen, but they are no longer open before 4PM.

Thought others would like to know.

[Aside: we ended up at Thana Thai Kitchen where they now have lunch specials– smaller versions of their entree menu for $12.00 a piece. They also have an after-school menu– appetizers for $5 a piece.] So good. We both enjoyed our lunches tremendously!


That’s too bad that they are only open for lunch on Sat-Sun.

True, but there is no foot traffic at all in that location.

None whatsoever. Too bad though, I would have enjoyed a lunch there and suspect that I won’t be in the area at dinner time much at all.

I got a loaf of their bread this weekend and it is fantastic! Great flavor and texture. Looking forward to going back and trying a tartine.


Oh, I never think to stop there for bread. Thanks for the tip! Love the tartines but still have to try the pizza.

We were able to have a light supper on Sunday at the Commune Kitchen. They close at 7pm, so we just made it at 6:40pm. He ordered the 'roni pizza and I selected the bruschetta tartine.

I will start with just about every single component we were served was under seasoned. Loved the pizza dough flavor and texture. The tomato sauce was not distracting. Cheese was very good. The 'roni has forgotten the pepper part of the meat’s name so that was disappointing. The tartine is served on a robust, thickly-sliced bread. The toppings couldn’t keep up. In actual fact, this was all about the bread and I really wanted it to be about the ricotta and roasted tomatoes. So I asked… would they put those toppings, perhaps with a bit of pesto, onto a pizza? Yup! They are happy to put any tartine topping onto a pizza or any pizza topping onto a tartine. Sold!

I really liked the bread though and could easily imagine buying a loaf to accompany a soup made at home. What a great addition to this East Arlington neighborhood.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record…after a couple of disappointing experiences at Coppersmith in Southie and Superfine in Manchester-by-the-sea (that one really hurt because I was looking forward to it and had hyped it up to B) and then a sad weekend spent in Baltimore-Northern Virginia due to an accidental family death (I cooked a couple of meals for my BIL and just did not have my cooking mojo in his very sterile kitchen; our best meal was at Dogfish Head Ale House in Fairfax VA), balance in our food universe was restored by yet another kick-ass Commune Kitchen meal. We got our now-standard Forager and new-standard short rib pizzas (I’ve been giving in to my red meat cravings lately). Man, B and I were floored by both. The love, the care, the friendly faces making the pies…it was a nice thing to come home to after our sad weekend away.


I just went through this whole thread (yum!) and the hours seem to have changed more than once during the course of the thread so thought I would post the current version: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 4P-9P; Saturday 12P-9P; Sunday 12P-8P. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

I need to drive across town and go here!!

Sorry @digga for your sad weekend and glad the balance in your food universe has been restored.


Ok, I am officially a broken record…in addition to our usual Forager and short rib pies for us and my mom and dad tonight, I got a loaf of the roasted barley sourdough made with Jack’s Abby beer. Good gawd. I was still full from a fun sneak-away lunch at 21st Amendment today so I passed on pizza in favor of the never locavore-friendly avocado toast. Sprinkled with TJ’s Everything bagel spice, it made for a lovely light dinner, accompanied by Italian table red wine. The earthy, hoppy flavors of the bread really shone through. I urge people to give this bread a whirl.

ETA: I see the upside down photo-issue that folks on the What’s for Dinner thread are reporting. Fun!


Jack’s Abby bread has come-and-gone (dangit…I knew I should’ve bought two loaves to slice up and freeze one) but this glorious 20% rye-sourdough came home with us. Tastes as good as it looks (picky spring onion concurs).

I was told that they’ll experiment more with beer breads. I can’t wait!


whoa, that looks good.

Tried Commune Kitchen for the first time yesterday for a late lunch. Grilled Caesar salad and meatloaf tartine. The salad was excellent – Parm came in the form of crumbled fricos (“asiago crisp” ) which was a nice textural contrast. The meatloaf tartine was tasty but I probably will not repeat: the tomato jam was too sweet for my palate and the copious melted mozzarella overwhelmed the whole thing. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it but with so much else to choose from… Good people-watching too.
As always, their hours have changed recently: now open at 1:00 on Fridays. So:
Wednesday and Thursday 4P-9P; Friday 1P-9P; Saturday 12P-9P; Sunday 12P-8P

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