Comfort Food for people who are in mourning

I should be doing other things this morning but instead I’m making chicken soup for neighbors who lost their beloved doctor at the Tree of Life.

My recipe for chicken soup starts with a big sweet onion, cut Lyonaise-fashion. Seems appropriate right now, although the sweet ones don’t really make you cry.
I sauté them w/anise and fennel until they’re golden. Normally I’d parboil some bits of good bacon, then brown it and drop it in with the onions, but not this morning.
Yesterday’s chicken goes in the pot, still plenty of meat left on the bones, along with a little fresh ginger root. Maybe a splash of Vermouth because I’m feeling in need of it.

Care to share your chicken soup hacks?
What special dishes do you make for people who are sorrowing?


Woke up to some heartbreaking reports. Food is love my relatives say, healing comforting soup is such a giving message no matter what.

We add chopped parsley, dill and thyme, 1/8 cup in total at the end. Sometimes a sliced lemon too to brighten but not served. Diced carrots, celery, parsnips.

and…Egg noodles.

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Thank you for this much needed thread … completely traumatized … chicken soup for the soul

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!
Going to TJ’s right now for two more spatchcock lemon chickens. They make great soup the next day. Friends who couldn’t get out of bed all weekend are emerging.

Thinking green chile enchiladas next.

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Thank you for your kindness to your neighbors. You give me hope in our future.

I don’t have a good solution but I sure try hard to get the floating fat out: chill and scoop, separators, etc. If anyone has a really effective hack I’d like to hear it.

IME, chicken soup benefits from using some, if not all, raw meat and bone. I do freeze cooked carcasses but the times when I’ve used just these plus aromatics and seasoning, the stock has been bland in flavor and grayish in color.

Oh. I’m so sorry for them. And everyone else.

I’m cooking for my best friend who just lost her mother. She comes back today, I leave for a trip tomorrow… if I can’t be here in person for the first few days back, I want to leave a few days of food hugs.

Making a few comfort foods that she can have when she’s not cooking for her family, or if she just doesn’t feel like eating what she cooked. Thinking of adding something sweet, but not inappropriate. Maybe brownies. There’s just enough time to bake some.


Hi. I’ve noticed that the spatchcocks at TJs seem to be fryers, not roasters. They are small and don’t have as much fat, which makes for a leaner soup. But they still have a lot of flavor!

My grandma’s soup and now mine always has dill. I brown my chicken in the pot first too which adds another note of flavor.

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