Comfi, Old Bridge

We thought this would be just a breakfast place since it’s open only until 3PM, but it is much more than that. The lunches (at least the Polish ones) are quite substantial–each is more than enough for two people. The pierogi were huge, fist-sized rather than the usual ravioli-sized. And the grilled kielbasi was piled with sauerkraut onto rye bread, with another mountain of home fries next to it. They also have a lot of healthier items that we need to work our way through.

The one problem is the noise level, made worse by the horrible scraping sound the chairs make on the floor when they are dragged. I mentioned it to the owner, so maybe he will do something about it.)

Gonna have to try this one. I love Polish food.

Wow…I wish I were eating carbs I would love to try those pierogi. I remember as a child in the 70’s there use to be a Polish American lodge or club in Union my parents would take me to for dinner. Best pierogies ever!

Three years later…
It’s taken me this long to get to Comfi. So when my daughter and her husband were making their way down the Turnpike from NYC to Baltimore and they said “meet us somewhere for brunch” I immediately decided today was the day. I was not disappointed.

There was a wait, but it wasn’t too long. First off, the coffee was decent…always a good sign. And the hot cocoa came with a mountain of whipped cream. The portions are huge and everything was delicious. My husband went for the pierogi and they appeared fat and stuffed…and very tender with well sauteed onions. I had the “Piggy piggy” --fat potato pancakes smothered in kielbasa (lots and lots of kielbasa), four (FOUR!!!) poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. I barely made a dent…breakfast for the next few days. Daughter had the pierogi omelet…yes pierogi’s stuffed inside and omelet. And my son in law had the burger between pancakes with eggs and hollandiase (that’s an under-description) that was the size of a meatloaf. Truly every dish could easily serve 2-3 people. And yet the food is inexpensive and delicious. Definitely going back.


Oh my God. That is incredible.


Wowzers. I think your daughter may have out did you guys lol. That looks like a monster! I’ve never thought to even try that. Well I have something new on my list of whacky stuff to cook :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to make one with some deep fried jalapeño poppers and chorizo soon. Maybe I would add in some chopped habanero for some heat.

Wow. That looks incredible. I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at the pictures😛

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Ok! A jalapeño popper stuffed omelet sounds awesome! You might consider the deep fried chorizo on top instead of inside. Yum.

Just said OMG out loud! :joy:


Never heard of Comfi until I read this thread yesterday…tonight on my way to JSBBQ with friends, I see that there’s also one in Belmar. I looked it up, and it is in fact the same owners. Anyone been to that location? It appears it’s been open just about a year.

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OK I need some BBQ pics! Hook a brother up @CurlzNJ

Didn’t take any, but I had my usual duo–this time with St. Louis ribs + pulled pork, along with collards and beans. I seriously doubt it’s the lack of sugar I’ve had in my diet in the last year, but I think they may have changed the bean recipe–they were super sweet. I always loved them because they were full of bacon and NOT crazy sweet. It’s also possible that it was the end of Day 2 of MDW and I got them from the bottom of the pot, but I’ll be curious to try them again next time. As usual, I have enough leftovers for another meal, so YAY for that! :slight_smile:

Just went to the one in Old Bridge for the first time today.

Higher prices than a typical breakfast place, but for what you get, prices are actually quite reasonable. Portions are HUGE, menu is quite creative, and food is exceptionally tasty. Wife had Polish sampler, said pierogies, kielbasa and potato pancakes were all the best she’s ever eaten. I had the Comfi benedict - 3 poached eggs with chipotle hollandaise over a toasted croissant, with a hand-breaded chicken cutlet, sauteed mushrooms, onions, potatoes, baby spinach, and side of fresh asparagus. Absolutely delicious, but barely made a dent in it. Having the leftovers for dinner. Kids had pancakes. Pancakes were bigger than their heads.

Bill for 4 before tip was $63. For us, it was an indulgence. Definitely going back, just probably not anytime soon. Oh, and the wait was 35 minutes… but totally worth it.

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IS it realistic to think my family and I could grab a table at Comfi around 10am on a Saturday?

Not sure which location you’re talking about, but since I was planning to get on and post about Comfi, I can tell you we arrived at the Belmar location this past Sunday around 11:15 and were pleasantly surprised to wait all of 8-10 mins. @rooster it’s worth a call if you’re going with a larger party to see if they’ll take your name! This was my first time there but it’s certainly going in the regular rotation.

First of all, as the sign out front acknowledges, the portion sizes are insane! Today I’ll finish my egg scramble–I got THREE breakfasts off of one plate. Separate of being huge, it was all delicious! I tried to stay healthy; went with the Pick Me! Pick Me!, which was eggs, chicken sausage, spinach, mushrooms, and onions, along with a toasted pita. I passed on the home fries but would get them next time now that I’ve tried my friends’…they were completely without a trace of grease, although they were fried.
My friend had an equally ginormous scramble with kielbasa in it and once I saw a plate of pierogies being delivered (I looked but didn’t see them on the menu), we got 3 (you can get 3, 6, or 9). They are ALSO ginormous–as in 2.5x as large as a ‘normal’ one! Jam-packed with potato and covered in onions that were also cooked on the griddle. DE.LISH.
The pancakes and french toast that we saw around us looked wonderful too, but I rarely order sweets for breakfast, so we didn’t try any–but we’ll def get back there with a bigger group. Prices were crazy reasonable too ($12.95 for the egg platters, iirc)!

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Old Bridge location is closer for us and its just a party of three but our kid will be visiting this wknd and I thought he would dig it. I txt the menu to him already. I have read quite a few rave reviews off HO and like you I plan to enjoy and bring home a good deal of leftovers.

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Sunday mornings are crazy in Old Bridge - Saturday less so.

Ok, thanks. All we can do is try!

Finally getting back to this monster of a meal experience. Our party of three became a party of seven after I shared the photos in this thread. We had a small wait and the staff was very cool about giving my grandmother a seat while we waited.

The portions are gigantic, no matter what you order. I fasted two days beforehand so my eyes were already spying orders brought to other tables before we sat down.

The room is clean and simple. This is truly about serving comfort food in a comfortable atmosphere. Other than the coffee, which I am picky about, the meal was outstanding. Leftovers are in my freezer.

The meal, we shared everything
Two orders of potato and cheese pierogies melt in your mouth tender, delicious oniony flavor, crunchy french toast wih bananas, sans granola topping, nova benedict with spinach and really creamy hollandaise, strawberry blintzes were very light, side of kielbasa and my son ordered the New York, NY strip steak with mushrooms onions and peppers that was surprisingly tender.

We enjoyed the entire meal start to finish another day…highly recommend. I am embarrassed to say I passed this place on my way to special olympic events hosted by Old Bridge for years and wrote it off. My bad.


Latest pics: the “I Am Undecided” breakfast and hot chocolate with whipped cream (and Mark).