Comedian takedown of BBC fried rice technique.

A little bit of diversion for all of us:


My wife is a confirmed water:rice ratio cook. I use the finger method I learned from my late Thai SIL. We don’t talk about.

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Now I’m morbidly curious about the original show where she allegedly performs such criminal acts. But I admit that my blood pressure might rise leading to uncontrollable fits too, if what’s described in this article is accurate. :crazy_face:

Don’t watch it. You’ll have a heart attack.

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The video and the Twitter follow up entertained me.

I continue to cringe at Patel’s “everything is easy” spiel as she does things the hard way… but I also realize that she is trying to make nervous home cooks comfortable and confident.


Her name is Patel - most of the instructions I’ve seen for cooking Basmati rice recommend boiling it in a lot of water, then draining it and drying it out in an oven, and the frying pan would be sort of similar.

But … they all recommend rinsing the rice before you cook it, not after like she did? That looks weird to me, and I’m a gringo who grew up with “cook rice in 2 parts boiling water until it’s all absorbed.” It’s Not Pasta :wink:
My current rice cooker is a Persian design, for making basmati and then optionally cooking it for extra time so the bottom gets crunchy.

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Because I am THAT PERSON, I heard “What is BBC, let me see, is it like something dirty, like big black…? Oh, it’s the British Broadcasting Corporation, okay, okay, that BBC’s okay, Uncle Roger not into the other BBC.” And then I stopped watching. Because I am that person.


Yeah, he lost me there.


How is a Persian rice cooker different?

It’s got a timer setting so that after it’s reached the “rice is cooked” temperature that most rice cookers use, you can cook it another 10-30 minutes to let the rice get extra-crunchy, beyond the typical amount that leaving it on “keep warm” for a while would do. You put more oil in it than you normally would for rice.


The follow up!


Still not impressed with Ms. Patel. Nothing we’ve see from her is impressive at all.

It is interesting to note that while nothing, once on the Internet, ever disappears BBC has deleted all vestiges of her rice cooking videos (cooking rice and egg fried rice).

It looks like Ms. Patel was coached and still didn’t learn anything.

BBC Good Foods will be a long time recovering from this - at least as long as Food Lion (US) recovering from the 60 Minutes bleach expose.

ETA: Google search shows Ms. Patel has disappeared from BBC Good Foods but that Good Food still promotes cooking long-grain rice as if it was pasta.

I always use 1 part rice 1.5 parts water/stock.

Ahhh. Measuring the water. - use your knuckle.

Lol. Sorry couldn’t resist ( reference from video if you didn’t watch)


Just do what Uncle Roger says!

That crunchy rice is also a Puerto Rican thing–it’s called “pegao”.

I just throw my trust- and my basmati rice- into my Zojirushi rice cooker and it come out perfectly every time. I rinse it couple of times, throw it in a strainer and rinse it that way for a second, then toss it into the rice cooker and trust the fuzzy neuro logic, whatever the hell that is.

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I can explain that to you, but you might never speak to me again.

My wife much prefers a rice cooker. I keep making rice in a pot to stay in practice.

Fun view. Uncle Roger & Hersha should team up on a cooking channel. They’re golden together.

Sad that the BBC dusted her. :frowning_face: