Colcannon question

So I’ve loved the idea of making colcannon, just didn’t get around to it until now. I’m going to be using Savoy cabbage.

The recipe suggests that I blanch the cabbage prior to adding it to the potatoes. Would it be better if maybe I sauteed the cabbage in some bacon fat instead? Or would this throw off the taste of the dish because it’s too strong?

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Colcannon is often served alongside piggy products in Ireland, so I reckon the saute will work absoutely fine.

FWIW, on the eastern side of the Irish Sea, we call our version “bubble & squeak”. It’s usually a leftovers dish, rather than cooking from scratch. As such, the cabbage is fully cooked, rather than a quick blanch which would leave it quite firm.


Absolutely sautee it in bacon fat. Adding depth of flavor is rarely a bad thing, especially for colcannon.

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I’ve always sautéed the cabbage and onions in butter or oil first. I’ve never used blanched or boiled cabbage.
It’s also made with kale, instead of head cabbage, in Ireland.

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