Coffee in Toronto

I tend to visit indie shops and try lots.

I’m a regular at Fika and Rustle & Still.

I read Ezra’s Pound has switched to non-dairy alternatives only…

I like Pilot Coffee, too, which has a location inside the Manulife now.

I was surprised Goldstruck on Cumberland would charge $7.18 for an iced latte yesterday, when most places, including Pilot charge less than $6.

I like Boxcar Social, but haven’t been in a while.

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Just tried Fika for the first time. Quite liked the cardamom latte and the cardamom cinnamon bun.

Pilot has been a go to for beans if we are wanting a light to medium roast.

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Yeah Goldstruck charges a lot now. Decent option in Yorkville would be A OK, Sorry and 5 Elements (I enjoy them a bit more due to the seating etc.) Coffee Island is decent with a lot of options as well though not in Yorkville. I would avoid S’cream. Haven’t been to Ezra in a while. Pilot is OK as well. Zaza meh.

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5 Elements pissed me off about 2 months ago. I had been visiting every few weeks before my last visit.

I liked Jacked Up before it moved due to construction.

I don’t mind ZaZa when it’s empty. I have only ordered cappuccino and iced nonfat lattes.

Today, I got an iced dalgona latte at Jjin Toast at Bloor and Bathurst. $6 before tax.

I guess B Espresso inside the Royal Conservatory should be open to the public again. I will check.

Sorry was okay, has been 2 years since my last order.

Will give A OK a try.

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Oh that’s unfortunate I have had on & off service at 5 Elements as well (one particularly bad one so I talked to the manager and followed up and things were better after that) Will keep an eye out for Jjin Toast though don’t tread that far often.

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JJin Toast is a Korean grilled egg sandwich shop, not known for its coffee. They use De Mello beans .

Coffee Pocket , further west, makes an iced Dalgona coffee using Sam James beans.

(Both are grab and go)

Swedish sunshine (custard bun), kannelbullar, cardamom iced coffee at Fika in Kensington.


We were just there again on Saturday and also had the custard bun, which we liked.

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I tried Crumbs’ beef patty today (without the coco bun), after you mentioned it in your Kensington Market report [Toronto] post.

More meat than most patties, and closer to puff pastry than a typical flaky patty crust. I liked it, but I think I like the atypical patty Norma’s Patties at When The Pig Came Home (in the Junction) more.

Some former Hounds disliked the atypical patty when they did a patty tasting a couple years ago.

Iced Dalgona Coffee at Forget Me Not Café on Adelaide, which is a different company than the very good Vietnamese resto callef Forget Me Not Café on Wilson Ave.

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Yes, we thought it was pretty flaky and pastry-like. We’ll have to get out to the Junction as we have never tried When the Pig Came Home.

If you visit the Junction, also visit Honest Weight!

We’ve been there once before years ago. I remember a really good seafood okonomiyaki.

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Enjoyed an iced latte and lemonade on the shaded patio set up in front of UB Social Café in the Junction

Also, Emmer’s iced latte is a good one. They also have a license, and serve 3 different Burdock beers (in cans).


Iced cardamom latte at Fika. $6.05 after tax.


Cappuccino at Think Italian

Cortado at Death In Venice

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Next on my list, located in Little Italy

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Tried two in the Financial District recently:

Dineen - the location in Commerce Court. They make their own syrups, so I tried a maple cinnamon latte, which was not too sweet and balanced the two flavours well.

Sam James - the PATH location near York and King. Had a cortado, which was dark roast dominant, with just enough milk. Plus they gave me a discount for using my own mug.

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@DrJohn , since you’re very familiar with East York, I was wondering, have you noticed any coffee shops with outdoor seating available right now? Doesn’t have to be heated. I am not sure if the Boxcar Social in Leslieville has a patio.

Le Conciliabule has a patio and good coffee.

Thanks for any ideas.

Last time we walked by (a month ago), Boxcar Social did not have their patio set up.

Bonjour Brioche did have their patio set up last month, which is semi protected from the elements. I haven’t looked at it specifically more recently.

The Rooster on Broadview sometimes has some tables set up outside, but it is variable in the winter. They have good coffee and a nice view of Riverdale Park.

Riverdale Perk has usually a couple of chairs outside at least.

I’ll try to keep a look out for others.

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Thank you, I appreciate it! I will also let you know where I meet my fried for coffee, if it’s a place you haven’t mentioned.

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