coconut milk question

Lately, I can’t seem to get my coconut milk to mix smoothly. The top cream layer is not incorporating easily into the watery stuff at the bottom of the can. I usually spoon out the top layer of cream into a bowl, then pour the liquid on top and whisk until it comes together. Well, it’s coming together, but with a gazillion tiny flecks of cream floating in the mixture. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m having problems with light coconut milk as well as the full fat. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Warm it up a little so the fat is melted instead of solid.

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Great idea. Thank you!

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My very scientific technique is called shake the living daylights out of the can before opening it :wink:
Otherwise yes, warming it up melts the little flecks of coconut oil to smooth it out quickly

Was wondering if it might be the colder temps of the season too. I do shake the can like crazy beforehand and it seems to help a lot, and then I always give it extra stirs once the can is opened.

Yes, I usually shake the can, give it a few good stirs, and all is good to go, but lately, no matter how vigorously I shake, nothing happens. I always have to scoop out the top cream layer into a bowl followed by the watery layer beneath. Mixing with a spatula, spoon, or whisk hasn’t yielded a smooth result…so, I’m going to try heating up the can (maybe immerse it in some very hot water, half way up, before opening) and see if that helps. I live in New England, so maybe the cold has affected things (I agree, kobuta). I was also thinking about putting the coconut milk in a blender and blitzing it till it comes together. Has anyone tried that?

I’ve found that if you soak the unopened can in hot water, in a pan, bowl, etc. for 3-5 minutes first, then shake well, it’s good. Much easier to do this way than opening it and then heating, mixing, etc.

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Thanks for checking in. Yes, I’m going to try exactly what you suggest and hope that solves my coconut milk problem.

fwiw, it’s cold enough in my condo that my coconut oil cooking spray won’t spray, lol. i threw out 2 cans thinking the nozzle was broken somehow till it dawned on me!

There’s newer coconut milks with added gums and things to prevent this issue. Personally, I’d rather just take the time to warm it up than add an ingredient, but everyone has their own preferences.

To bad. Being able to separate out the thick cream on top is an asset