Cocktails in a can

When I first went to St Kitts( 12 years ago) I discovered rum again .My favorite turned out to to be Brinleys which I later found out is based at the time in Red BankNJ but think they are now in Atlantic Highlands.NJ.
Due to health issues I was unable to drink alcoholic beverages for awhile.
So aside from the occasional cocktails locally it’s been a pretty boring experience.I am not talented enough to make anything other than something that’s only requires a splash of soda.
Lo & behold in a ShopRite liquor store staring me in the face are 2 Brinleys cocktails in a can . A creamsicle type drink & a fruity mojito which was terrific.
Made my day hoping , there will be more concoctions available soon.
BTW if you are a rum drinker their Coffee rum & Vanilla rum are excellent.
Pro tip : heavily Ice these drinks for an island experience

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I love the refreshing look of mojitos and Moscow Mules but they just look better than they taste for me. I wish I liked them.


Slow & Low’s Rock and Rye is the best cocktail in a can I’ve had yet, but boy is it strong:


Not a rye fan . Summer time means island type cocktails for me but thanks.

I honestly do not understand cocktails in a can. My favorites are so easy to make, better, and cheaper. I guess they’d be good if you were in a place where making your own was out of the question. Of course, I doubt I shall ever be in that predicament. Ok, back to my old fashioned of Angostura, turbinado, ice, and Knob Creek with a Luxardo cherry.

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I remember cocktails in a can from decades ago; I think it’s a pretty smart idea, and am glad to see a comeback, especially if the quality and strength are there.

Agree with @Respectfully_Declined about mojitos and mules. To me, they are just too sweet. I have mixed Moscow Mules with ginger kombucha, and a generous squeeze of lime, which were excellent. Not nearly as sweet but lots of flavor.


What’s not to understand? I’m unwilling or unable to start a career as a mixologist at my age.
If I want a good drink I go to get it, if I can lay by my pool & drink something enjoyable easily these concoctions are ideal for me.

It’s about the quality of ingredients which Brinleys rum checks the box & taste Double check.

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Agree, I’ll have to look for those at BevMo.

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To make good cocktails you don’t need a career as a mixologist but just a relatively small collection of bottles and a few tools - the final results are much better than any cocktail in a can.
This book for example is quite nice to start a small bar at home

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Yes, that is a good book for sure. Still, IMO canned cocktails have their place, however small that niche may be.

No collection needed thanks but sometimes it’s convenience that matters if someone else can do it better.
I have collected enough for a lifetime. Belvedere, Grey Goose a bottle of Jack Daniels & the single malt of the moment is enough of a collection for me.
I do make my own infusion of pineapple infused vodka though.& in the summer maybe a bottle of good gin & some Brinleys coffee rum as well as their vanilla rum.
That’s enough mixing for me.

Since it seems I’ve become your beverage protégé’ all I can say is I’ve only had one " cocktail in a can " drink and it was many years ago, thanks to The Beastie Boys. Their song “Brass Monkey” was all the hit back in my high-school days, so we had to find out what the song was all about. (I can’t find the stuff we tried back then, a google search show’s what seems to be an updated or newer bottled version) All I can say is from that single experience, I never tried any other “cocktails in a can” again. lol

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Well to age myself young man it was also my son’s first experience with cocktails in a can & he’s 48
But it’s a nice memory & made me smile
Thanks man :+1:

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I will just say I was a senior in high school when he was a freshman.

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My first cocktail out of a can was at the Freehand Hotel in nyc when it is opened - I had never seen a canned cocktail before that. It was similar to an old fashioned — tasted fantastic! I can’t tell you how many awful old fashioneds I’ve had made by bartenders who didn’t know better. Wish these cans were more broadly available.

I just looked it up, and seems there are a lot more choices these days.

Also some of the airlines carry canned cocktails that are pretty good.

There’s something to be said for someone who knows how to, mixing your drink, and someone else who doesn’t, just pouring it.


Lol St Johns Vianney had a very progressive cocktail pro

Exactly my point thanks

Well at the time I lived a little further north, I was a Bishop Ahr guy. (now St. Thomas Aquinas again) Must have been a similar cocktail list in the Catholic HS’s in the 80’s/90’s.

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Another good idea: everything but the liquor in a can - that way you can add your bourbon (or rye) of choice. Smart.

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