CNN-Why Mother's Day is the most hated day in the restaurant industry

Anyone looking forward to eating out for Mother’s day on Sunday? We have a reservation at Farmstead in Napa ( and thoughfully canceled the one at Ad Hoc :grin:).


Yeah, at least Valentine’s is mostly 2-tops and no kids :sweat_smile:


I treat Valentine’s and Mother’s Day equally–I won’t go near a restaurant on either day.


We usually go out on Mother’s Day (although we’re not parents) 'cause there are some good buffets around. But that doesn’t annoy any servers, since we serve ourselves.


There’s an inn near us that does a fabulous brunch buffet. Unfortunately, they’ve gotten greedy–for special days like Mother’s Day, Easter, etc. they cram in as many tables as possible and then extend the seating into their banquet facility (which is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the rooms in the 18th century building).


But do they have smoked fish arrayed on a mirror? I will put up with a lot for smoked fish arrayed on a mirror.


They have quite an array of seafood, including smoked fish. Alas, it is not displayed on a mirror.

We do still brunch there, just not on high volume days. They have several dining rooms and the buffet is quite extensive. Not to mention a dessert station that I could make an entire brunch of.



I’m so thankful my late Mom didn’t like going out on Mother’s Day any more than I did. When she was still mobile we’d go antiquing, or I’d cook for her after taking her out for errands a week before.

Our best Mom Day was antiquing on Route 1 up in Maine’s Antique Alley the day before Mother’s Day, and on the way home, stopping for some lobster rolls at a red barn-type restaurant in (I think) York, ME. Great service, great food, and just what we both enjoyed…simplicity.


I’m doubly thankful. Mom feels the same as I when it comes to dining out on Mother’s Day and she’s still with me. Tomorrow I’m hosting four generations (with hopefully some video calls from those grands and greatgrands who live outside the area . . . She says she knows she’s old when her great grandson is graduating from College :wink:


Wishing an enjoyable day to you and yours celebrating your mother. :heart: They are (almost always) the unsung heroes of our families and the backbone of the family tree.


Well, once they pass 90 they become “the queen” and are very sung :grinning:


Anyone that feels they need a Hallmark holiday to take their mother out to eat, deserves whatever comes their way at a restaurant.


Any occasion I feel no inclination to cook something I don’t prefer to eat is a good occasion for me.

We ( I mean me and and mine, and not “you”) eat at restaurants for lots of reasons , and as one of the few remaining mothers in our immediate family, “Mother’s Day” has not stood out in a negative way for me , but I guess I will be on the lookout.

@gaffk ; I too am wishing you and yours a splendid day. I can’t imagine hosting as the thing I want to do on Mother’s day.


Well the family is pretty good at rotating hosting duties and we’re a pretty casual bunch who actually enjoy each others’ company, so it should be good. This will be the first mom’s day without my one sister, so her husband and sons will probably need a little support this weekend.

Hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful day of food and family!


Told my ex and my son years ago to never take me out on Mother’s Day.

Overpriced and mediocre buffets, fancy specials foisted on undertrained line cooks, dining rooms full of families pretending to get along.


Take me out before or after…never on the day (and that goes for all holidays).


One of my very good friends shares her birthday with Valentines Day.
No birthday meals on that day!
Day before or day after only.


We enjoyed our meal at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch in Napa.

Other than a large party in a tent outside, no unusual mayhem, prices or dinners, but slightly more people, and more children than usual . We sat near a very quiet toddler, but there was a noisy one who reminded me of my son at that age, at a table outside. The service was as good as ever, and so were we!:grin:



Drink-Bloody Mary and ?

For the table-meatballs with tomato-bacon braised collard greens, skyhill feta, za’atar, smoked chicken wings with white BBQ sauce-oops! Too late for pictures

The mains- “steak frites” ( rare New York strip) and arugula, daughter had grits and SALAD OF GARDEN LETTUCE with chicken

My favorite - buffalo milk ice cream


Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day!

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Now that’s a r-a-r-e steak!