Clever Tweaks to Everyday Kitchen Utensils

This rice paddle stands on its end and is weighted so it won’t fall over even if you accidentally bump it (like those roly-poly toy people I remember from when I was a kid - Weebles?). Lots of rice cookers have a clip-on holder for the rice paddle, but mine inexplicably doesn’t.

Mine has the regular kind but I never use it. I just use my usual wooden spoons.

A bunch of clever gadgets here but I haven’t seen reviews or used any of them.

Some of those gadgets remind me of the stuff from Joseph Joseph.

Thats good Industrial design right there I like it.

Curious why anyone wouldn’t just use a wooden spoon. But I’m not a ‘one trick pony’ kinda gal.

I have a couple wooden spoon and also these plastic spoons (come with the rice cookers). I have to say I like these plastic spoons because the rice don’t stick to them as much, so the rice just come right off.


How about trying that exact design with a heavy base in all wood?Then again it might be too substantial for a wood utensil.

Yup, all the new plastic rice scoops have little bumps (or dimples) on them to keep the rice from sticking. It works surprisingly well.

Oh yeah, one other thing. Here in Japan, people often bring the rice cooker to the table so they can refill their bowls with warm rice as needed. If you keep the spoon in the rice cooker, you can’t close the lid and the rice gets cold. That’s why this one is so clever. The scoop (and the tablecloth) stay nice and clean. Also, since it’s standing up, it doesn’t take up much space on the tabletop.

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Here’s another clever design. It’s a potato masher that also functions as a whisk. (Admittedly, it’s not such a great whisk, but it works.)

Speaking of Joseph Joseph. I really like this strainer spoon, especially in the largest size, which is big enough to pour through from a fairly large saucepan.


Just one more. I love slim oval measuring spoons. You can reach right into small spice jars.

I have this and it’s one of my favorite tools It’s the best scoop and drain tool ever.

i use my steel blade pastry cutter to make mashed potatoes for one. also to chop hard cooked eggs for egg salad.

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They got the shape just right IMO.

They did!

I was so impressed with this, after using it, I bought several more for gifts (and repurposed one for the cat). A really great inexpensive tool that works quite well.

I have this strainer spoon, and like it enough to suspend my hatred of green plastic.

Now JJ needs to make a more ladle-like one with a leading edge that will fit into the corner of a stockpot.

The gunmetal gray is a lot easier on the eyes than the lurid green.

They do make something called the “scoop straining ladle” – available in gray, red, and your favorite green.

It was a gift, so I just nod and smile…

I’ll try the ladle-strainer.

Thanks, Tanuki.

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