Christmas food gifts you are giving or anticipating, 2018


I have tried doing it once, with a few black olives from my tree. I won’t say it was a success, I suspected the specie, to begin with, was not mean for consumption.

My neighbour, with his tree, has tried to press oil.


Very beautiful olives.

(John Hartley) #43

Father Christmas visited during the night, leaving several food presents (which must mean Johnny really has been a good boy this year).

There’s marrons glace, a tin of fudge, a jar of Ottolenghi lemon and vanilla marmalade. And a couple of cookbooks - the “Borough Market Cookbook” and Michel Roux’s “The French Revolution”.

The old guy in red left a note saying they were in a list of Top Ten cookbooks but didnt say who complied the list. The Roux book is particularly welcome. I’ve wanted to eat at his restaurant for years but choose not to eat at places that are still archaic enough to require jackets. Roux has recently scrapped that dress code to replace it with a more 21st century “smart casual”. We’ve booked for March.