Christmas food gifts you are giving or anticipating, 2018

(Junior) #21

Yeah as an appetizer, instead of an actual biscuit and gravy which would be a bit mess this makes it more a finger food. We’ll see I’m excited to give it a try!


A local specialty store (A Southern Season) carries a brand of candied fruit slices that my Father loves. I send him a box of orange and another box of lime and cherry. He hoards and savors them one at a time for months.

My niece is in her first year of college. Part of her gift included an assortment of hot chocolate packets and chocolate/peppermint covered spoons to stir into coffee. Hopefully they will provide a nice pick-me-up during study sessions.

A local friend loves the jasmine tea pickled pears I make so I give her a bottle.

The neighbors in my building usually pop by with a little something, often cookies or candies. I purchased a number of small packaged chocolates from Lidl to have on hand to reciprocate.

(Jimmy ) #23

(Sheepishly raises hand) I gifted myself with a Wok. Opened the package too.

(Dan) #24

Yeah, I gifted myself a milk frother, a vintage guitar I waited six months for and a set of knives this year then thanked my gal😉. Her gift comes in March and she booked it, ha!

(Dan) #25

This sounds wonderful.


They really are! And super easy to make. Each year I eagerly wait for the price of Asian Pears to become reasonable. Sometimes they are $5 a piece!

(Dan) #27

I saw Asian pears at Lindl. They weren’t large sized but did you see them there by you?


I came, I saw and I bought! They have had the best price on them lately. I wish this pickle was long lasting…but a short season does make it something special to look forward too.

(kg) #29

When I was in college, mom & dad always sent a basket to “vitamin c me through” exams. Totally corny. But we slurped up those clementines.

(kg) #30

I have a few friends who live in small houses and are time challenged. So I strive to gift them things that can be used and do not require storage. This year’s theme is breakfast–teas, pancake mixes, syrups, chocolate peppermint scone mix, etc. Last year was Italian (we have a restaurant wholesale place nearby)–pasta, sauce, cheese, desserts. The year before was the makings for some good cocktails.

For both friends and neighbors I make chocolate almond toffee, chocolate chip cookies and one or two other cookies in dollar store tins.

I’ve received Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma cards. They are greatly appreciated.

(Miss_belle) #31

Sort of food related. My husband suffers from allergies/sinus and it affects his taste buds. So I bought him a mypurmist as a surprise for Xmas. Great reviews . Hope it helps. Other than that , for gift giving it’s the traditional Xmas cookies and Chex mix.


Hope he sees improvement!

(Miss_belle) #33

Thank you. I hope so too!


There’s a local cheese shop my dad loves, and he loves more the monthly cheese subscription my sister and i give him the past few years- they don’t deliver and he enjoys the process of going in and tasting what’s around and picking up fresh baguette from the nearby bakery.
I think he would be disappointed if we didn’t do this again!
Usually i make coconut quinoa granola for my office as new year’s gifts (no way can i manage it in the crazy before xmas), dunno if i will this year due to traveling back and forth to from office and lots of people i wouldnt want to leave out…

I did finally order myself the Noma fermentation book that i keep wanting to get yet as real book not kindle book. I’m excited to “read” it while on vacation in cali, although we’ll see what’s manageable to try that doesn’t require diligent monitoring (so i can try new recipes in nyc and have fermenting while I’m in philly)

I usually get a nice bag of coffee beans from Santa so i have high hopes he repeats that this year too ;))


A package of Colon Cleanse…usually the house brand!

Who wouldn’t appreciate that to start off the New Year?

(Karen Mezzetta) #36

Dear husband & I process olives. This year’s Sevillanos were a great size, harvested appropriately ripe green, they are a lovely buttery olive! We put them up in pint jars after 10 days of processing. Has become the food gift we give every year to our friends. They seem to really like them…

(ChristinaM) #37

Great handmade gift!

(John Hartley) #38

I’ve never previously heard of anyone curing their own olives. When my sister in law lived in Spain, she would help with the annual harvest but all the olives would go to the village co-operative for curing/bottling or turning into oil.

(Karen Mezzetta) #39

In the San Francisco Bay Area where I live, fresh raw uncured olives are sometimes found at Farmers Markets. The farmer I buy from grows several varieties, so that’s where I source my Sevillanos.


That is crazy amazing!!! I would LOVE to be on the receiving end of that gift… :heart_eyes: