Christmas food gifts you are giving or anticipating, 2018

My wife enjoys putting food themed gifts together every year. This year, I’m in on the fun. It’s typically a combo of homemade and store bought items in nice recycled bins we collect during the year at yard sales and travel finds.

I have read a few threads HOs have compiled in past years and wondered what inspires your food gifting this year.


Not food, but food related.

My companion in life enjoys baking and I usually include a relevent cookbook amongst the presents. Yes, it’s probably become a bit predictable.

That’s a nice idea. Any specific book titles you would recommend John

Not at this point. Just in case my post might be read. Perhaps after Father Christmas has visited.


I bought my husband fancy coffee as a stocking stuffer from Mod Cup in Jersey City. I also got him a ‘hot sauce of the month’ subscription. Likely kitchy but hopefully he will find a few he likes.

For another couple, a gift card to Sur La Table. I envision them getting a cooking class together but they could choose anything they want.


My father is from the south and he LOVES white/sausage gravy. Though not a “gift” I am making a new dish this year for him, biscuit sticks and gravy!! Cut the biscuits into sticks before baking and use the gravy to dip into. Should be fun, we will see how it turns out!!


Dear friends are bringing us a bottle of balsamic vinegar when they come to visit from Italy. That’s the happy rumor, anyway.


Actually while not food, it will produce food! My wife wanted this so I got it for her, looking forward to seeing what we harvest from it.


Same here. I have purchased a couple of food/food related items. Will post after Christmas.

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I just read through the website. Sounds like a fun project. I priced out an outdoor garden rehauling my property in NJ for next season and while more labor intensive, the setup and accessories per month on that gardening device is fairly luxe priced.

I look forward to seeing the garden grow!

I would enjoy a cooking class with my wife. Nice gift!

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This sounds very cool. Hope to hear how it works out.

Husband got a leather apron for his pizza and barbecue cuisine (yeah, he opened his gift already), I got a batch of food magazines from me, 7 of them! :smiley: A friend will get an easy pastry book.

I have planned to make some chocolate truffle, pastries and some biscuits with rosemary for friends… unfortunately last minute work called, need to wait for next Christmas.


@Rooster I would enjoy if my wife took a cooking class!!! (woman can’t cook for her life, but she does bake very well)

@gracieggg at first I thought it was silly because I equate gardening as a lot of work for 1 harvest. (due to our weather here) It took awhile for it to sink in that we should have an constant flow of vegetation since it’s indoor. We will see but I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.


The late chef Robuchon explained that baking and cooking were 2 professions, baking needed precision and a scientific mind, cooking could be more intuitive and spontaneous.


Incredible reading! Lucky you! Husband made out pretty well too!:grin:

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When he got his gift, he kept saying it was for butchers and it was very american!! No idea why, but I bought it from a Netherlands shop.


From what I read on the website, the unit allows for gardening inside and out. Some of the photos are multiple units with quite an extensive gardening setup.

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Its international😉!

I don’t think it is possible to go wrong with this!

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