Chris Kimball's new venture

I so :heart: you for the killer use of “dirigible!”

And I completely agree!

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This article about ATK’s move to a larger space, which will include a food truck, refer’s to Kimball’s Milk Street Kitchen (rather dismissively, IMO) as a “start-up”.

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Never mind. I should have read the whole post.

I could be way off with this but, in all the years I’ve watched ATK and Cook’s Country, I’ve never had the impression that Kimball was a cook, chef, or anything beyond a host. He’s given the deference of one by the people that appear with him but I always thought it was because he was the opinionated boss. Have I missed something in his background that would give him the credibility to do what he’s doing? Martha Stewart can actually cook; can Chris Kimball?


Ever since Christopher Kimball left the company he founded: America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated, he has talked of creating a new company, magazine, website and TV cooking show. Well, here it is: Milk Street Kitchen, his new magazine, has its premier issue coming out shortly, his ‘Milk Street’ studios at 177 Milk Street in downtown Boston are under construction, and new cooking shows are in the offing. The theme of the new magazine, they say: ‘New Home Cooking’…he also says the magazine will be ad free.
Any thoughts?

There’s already a thread on this: Chris Kimball’s new venture

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Thanks for the heads up, erica…

In the Boston area, Milk Street Kitchen Radio debuted yesterday, taking over the slot of ATK Radio. . Same format, with Sara Moulton as Bridget. Latest futz is that Mr. Bowtie now prefers carbon steel frying pans to non-stick.

I heard the program too. Just like ATK except they changed the order of the format. I do like Sara Moulton so we’ll see how she does.

Sarah Moulton could make the difference. Smart move!


I keep getting a sponsored ad on FB for a complimentary issue of his new magazine . I accidentally clicked on it. The comments were mostly about being signed up with ATK for a free issue and being in eternal purgatory trying to get them to stop.
A whole lot of No Thanks! And you’re kidding. Right? comments. Quite amusing.

Got the free issue today. I haven’t really sat down with it yet, but the layout, etc are just like Cooks Illustrated.

I love Sarah Moulton, but I have to admit that I really liked Bridget and Julia- Julia? That sounds wrong. You know who I mean. Those two Yankee women, I’m gonna miss them.

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I downloaded the pod cast and will try to listen to them this week. I’m curious and happy to hear that Sarah is part of it, I loved her live show on the food network decades ago now.

They took a call from a woman who had limited storage and wanted to know if she had to keep both light and dark Brown sugar on hand. Kimball and Moulton suggested she use dark for everything because its stronger flavor is popular these days. Though they did mention that both are made by mixing white refined sugar with molasses, they failed to suggest the option of stocking those two staples, mixing up either as much light or dark as needed for whatever she’s baking. Also, Sarah had never heard of those clay discs you soak in water then use to keep the brown sugar moist. Kimball recommends them, which is equally surprising, since they are pricey. You can buy a 3" diameter clay saucer (for the smallest size of flower pot) for a fraction of the cost, or smash a new clay pot and have enough pieces for your sugar plus all your jars of raisins and other dried fruits.

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But now there’s this…

Yep, its the same magazine with a different title. Even the fonts and paper used are the same.

Why am I not surprised? Looks like he used his last year at ATK creating the Milk Street “brand”, using their database, stealing recipes, etc.

I’ve never heard of them either. I re-seal the bag with the sealing function of my vacuum sealer.

You know I’ve posted this elsewhere, but he strikes me as the kind of annoying, skinny, nerdy kid that got beat up a lot.

You gotta wonder what his junior high days were like…