Choosing shrimp

I’ve tried the Patagonia pink/red shrimp before; I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised.

A thread from food 52 I found.

Yup, Ecuador and India are what they carry the most of for non frozen.

Red drum is the US name for redfish. Texas outlawed the sale of redfish and speckled trout in 1982 and netting in 1988 in response to the slaughter of the species following the blackened redfish craze. Fortunately most if not all states have followed Texas’ lead.

Redfish, red drum does not taste like snapper, it is meatier and tastes fishier, but having caught many of both species I prefer redfish although most would say snapper although they probably haven’t had wild redfish.

I just called a reliable Houston source and farm raised Texas redfish goes for 16.97 a pound, not sure what you got but seriously doubt it is wild at that price but if you like it go for it.


I’m guessing you two mean previously frozen and thawed. Unless you are in india or Ecuador. Why would those shrimp be preferred for “non-frozen”?

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I have no doubt they are wild as the packaging states so.
Nick’s is very reliable Italian Grocery Store.
He told me it may have just been a one time purchase from the seafood strip at Jessup. The Seafood Strip only caters to restaurants, grocery store and not to the public. They only open from 2:00Am-10:00AM. I often see seafood restaurants truck parked in front when I visit. After 10:00AM, they are cleaning up, taking orders etc etc. They are not particularly eager to sell to public either. I just was introduced to the manager by Ducktrap of Maine and when I go there, I usually buy no less than 200-250.00. and more if I buy for my sister and sometimes my friends and neighbors.

Well, I am not sure that it taste like lobster but a lot of reviewers say so. However, I always buy the large ones, sometimes I find 12-15count per lb and the is what I go for but most of the time the 15-19 count are what I can get on sale for just under $20.00 per pound. I never buy the defrosted ones in the case. I stirfry them for just a few minutes and often add a tin of anchovy to a bag of 2 lbs.

Did the packaging mention a country or state of origin. At that price and current laws in place I have a hard time believing US.

We have one in Texas as well. I’m with you on the head on off the boat as the head is the first to decay. Shellfish are very delicate.

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Label states Wild from Atlantic Ocean
I googled . They can be found in Atlantic Ocean from Mass to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Northern Mexico. So, I presume it is from anywhere from Mass to Florida.
As I said, the owner of Nick’s told me it was a fantastic buy for him and he was passing it on to his customers. He told me he may not be able to get the same deal again. That is why I loaded up. I would buy. more if I can be assured that the power would not run out as I still have 6 butterflied grouper in my freezer, a box of Costco’s marinated Morey salmon, some fillet catfish ( we do not eat them, just give them away as they remind me of a cat when my son catches them). I know I know, I should buy a generator but never did as my husband had told me a new kind of generator would be available soon, that was before he passed away.

Trader Joes has wild caught Argentinian red for $9.99 a pound. Peeled and deveined.


I’m not too crazy about those. They have a shaggy texture I find unpleasant.

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OK, I checked the price to be sure that I am not giving false info as the price quoted before was a guesstimate.

Price vary depending on size, peeled, unpeeled, cooked or frozen.

T&he shrimp I have been buying lately from HT is from Ocean Bonnie
They come in 10-15 /lb but have not seen them lately.

They also come in 16-20/lb, regularly it cost $39.00 for bag of 2 lbs . T hey also come in bag of 1 lb ( I buy the 2 lbs size) but on sale for $16.99 for 2 lb bag till 7/18 at HT. I stock them at that price. I have 2 bags left so, I will be going to HT next week and buy 3 more bags since we do eat a lot of shrimp

They also come in 20-40 count, 2 lbs for $13.99 . I do not generally buy this size less I am using them for spring rolls and potstickers as I have to grind them to mix with pork but lately, am having problem with red meat so I use them with ground duck meat.

They are packed with sodium bisulfite which blocks an enzyme in shrimp that causes melanosis, also called black spot – a darkening of pigments in the membranes and meat under the shell that makes the product appear unappetizing. Shrimp farmers dip baskets of shrimp after they are caught into a solution of sodium bisulfite to maintain a healthy appearance.

Ocean Bonnie recommends that they be cooked for just a minute or two. The shrinkage is minimum.

Hope this clarify further.

Agreed. As a Briton, I distinguish between prawns and shrimps. Almost invariably, I buy prawns (whether king prawns or normal sized ones) as frozen. Whilst there is a domestic catch , the bulk of those eaten are taken from tropical waters. On the other hand, tiny brown shrimps (that the colour blind French call “grey”) are invariably fresh or potted (cooked in both cases).

The WF Key West Pink Shrimp (frozen) have been consistently good. Be sure you are buying just shrimp–no preservatives.

I appreciate you guys have provided me with a few difference places/brands to try, which I plan to do. But as for farmed, has anyone experienced that they have a muddy, garbage-y taste like catfish do sometimes? I remember going to a shrimp truck in Hawaii a few years ago which had the ponds immediately behind the truck where they prepared and sold the shrimp. So they should have been fresh as could be. But the flavor was unpleasant. Is it just me? Just that one episode and most farmed shrimp don’t have that problem? I haven’t gone back and pick wild whenever I can. Not that I’ve had luck with good tasting ones…

The best farmed shrimp have no taste at all. I never touch them.

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Oh no! That doesn’t sound like a compliment at all.

It surely isn’t.

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I second every single thing in Sunshine842’s comment. Except, living in Indiana, I have no access to shrimp off the boat nor non-frozen. I know an Asian grocer that brings in head-on shrimps on Fridays from Chicago. Otherwise, I thaw from from wild-caught shrimps, shell on (shells and legs are good for risotto broth). I won’t buy farmed shrimp from Asia or anywhere, unless I hear that there is more responsible farming somewhere. (Like, I do allow that American farmed trout is a good product, but we’re not there with shrimp, yet.)

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Where in IN? I was born just outside Ft Wayne.