Chinese roasted meat shops open for Thanksgiving or Wednesday?

Any info on what’s open or pre-ordering options? I’m thinking duck in particular. Full-service restaurants fine too.

Are any of them closing on those two days? I thought they open 365 days a year.

From what I understand, all of the Chinese restaurants in/around the Bay Area are open during Thursday, in compliance with local and county Covid restrictions.

I know that Chinese restaurants in Oakland, Elk Grove, San Mateo and Berkley, have no plans to take off for Turkey Day, with the exception of certain mom-and-pop stores.

That’s wonderful news!

Maybe I’ll stop by Ming Kee on Wednesday just to make sure, and hope to return the next morning. Worst case scenario, I’ll have pork jowl for lunch on Wednesday, and reheated duck on Thursday :slight_smile:


Ming Kee? On Ocean?
Yes, they’re definitely open on Thu.

Great news, thanks!

For crispy skin roast pork, Hing Lung Company is supposed to be one of the best in town (1261 Stockton Street, Chinatown). I think Lam Hoa Thuan on Irving has it too, and their roast duck is not bad. Ming Kee would be the best for char siu, marinated squab, soy sauce chicken. Best roast duck so far I would say is R&G Lounge but you may want to specify uncut duck. Ming Kee’s duck is mixed and sometimes more bone than meat…but to their credit their skin is good.

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I preordered a turkey from Cheung Hing. I’m curious to know how they make it haha. I wonder if its like the fived spice style.

I’d be really disappointed if this was a regular American roast turkey

Think soy sauce chicken.

That’s how the local Ranch 99 and the some of the Canto BBQ purveyors in SoCal prepare their Thanksgiving turkeys.

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Aw haha. I was hoping more for roast duck but considering how lean a turkey would be, soy sauce style makes sense

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& lahp yuk sticky rice in lieu of stuffing?



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Actually I wonder if any places will do the glutinous stuffed chicken that’s deep friend for Thanksgiving…

Call Harborview at the Embarcadero Center. They did it pre-pandemic dine in with about 2 to 3 days notice.

Here’s something I wasn’t aware of: Peking turkey.

It mentions some places that will be open this week.

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Hey @Sgee and @ipsedixit ! What’s so funny? I wanna know!

Yeah, me too! :blush:

Damn those look good

No surprise— 14 person line down the street before 9am at Ming Kee! Anyone else who wants stuff better get here early!